Get the Facts about the Steroid Anavar

Get the Facts about the Steroid Anavar

Get the Facts about the Steroid Anavar

Before you use any steroids, you should have a complete picture about it. One of the popular products around is Anavar. It is used by those brand new to steroids and those who have used them for previous cycles. It works well to create muscle and burn fat, so it can be found in both bulking and cutting cycles alike.

It is a mild steroid too, so the risk of side effects is very low compared to many others. Most users have excellent results with it and very little problems. They like easing into the process of taking such a product. They also don’t want to serious harm to their vital organs. You may hear Anavar referred to as Oxandrolone, but it is the same compound.

What to Expect

You certainly don’t want anyone to become suspicious when you take Anavar. If you go from a regular person into the Hulk in a week though, they are going to know you are using compounds. The use of this substance is going to give you significant gains, but they aren’t going to explode overnight. You will notice some changes within a week or two, and that is often going to encourage someone to complete the cycle.

This steroid isn’t going to aromatize, which means it won’t turn into estrogen in the body. Why does that matter? The male body can’t handle too much estrogen or the side effects increase. One of them is the development of breast tissue. The breasts will grow and they are going to hurt. Such a side effect  can become permanent of the male ignores the issue. Then surgery will have to be completed to remove the breast tissue.

Too much estrogen can also cause the muscles to be soft. Rather than a hard, defined appearance they will be soft. They can also look lumpy, making them far less appealing than you had in mind. Water retention is a serious side effect from aromatization because it causes the heart to work significantly harder to circulate the blood through the body than it should.


You don’t need to take a large dose of this oral steroid in order to do well with it. Women shouldn’t’ take more than 2 mg to 5 mg per day and males shouldn’t take more than 5 mg to 10 mg per day. Taking more than that isn’t going to give more value, but it is going to increase the risk of potential side effects.

The half-life of this anabolic steroid is only about 8 hours. Try to take it at the same time each day to help keep the levels continual. You can also opt to take your total dose and divide it into 2 doses, each 12 hours apart. That may be more beneficial to those taking the higher end of 10 mg per day.

Women need to be cautious when it comes to taking Anavar. It can result in the voice becoming deeper, unwanted body hair, and enlargement of the clitoris. Such side effects can become permanent if a woman continues to use this anabolic steroid. Keeping the dose very low and the cycle only about 6 weeks long can help reduce those risks. Should such side effects appear, reduce the dose or stop taking the compound.


While Anavar can be used on its own, it is often recommended to stack it with Dianabol or Anadrol. This is going to help increase the amount of testosterone in the body. It is going to help a person see faster gains in lean muscle mass. It will also make a difference in regard to the amount of overall strength they generate.

Where to get it

Do your homework before you buy Anavar, or any anabolic steroids for that matter. You need to make sure you can count on that entity to give you a good price and a top quality product. Otherwise, the outcome you anticipate is going to be significantly different from what you actually end up with at the end of the cycle.