What is it exactly?

GHRP-2 is a growth hormone stimulator that affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in particular, and thanks to it’s action, the body automatically begins to produce human growth hormone. Another effect of this peptide is the increase in lean muscle mass. The use of this drug is widely considered to be the safest way to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue and skeletal muscle. In addition, the peptide GHRP-2 has a repair effect on the immune system, normalizing the work of internal organs. GHRP-2 peptides are especially popular among the population of athletes who want to increase muscle mass in a short time, especially athletes and bodybuilders and those who want to prevent the symptoms of premature aging of their bodies.

What are the effects of use?

-Stimulation of lipolysis.
-Better regeneration of the body.
-Helps control cholesterol levels-Increases appetite.
-Ability to produce ghrelin.
-Stimulates the production of growth hormone.
-Increases lean body mass.
-Improves skin elasticity.


The average dose is 100-200mcg, for 1kg of body weight we take statistically 1-2mcg. Everything depends on how much we weigh, or we take a general scheme of 100-200 for a single dose. Suggested doses are 2 per day. After application, we should wait 2-3 hours with the next meal After the injection of GHRP-2, there is occasional redness of the injection site and the face area, which may be accompanied by a feeling of heat !!
A large part of peptides cause certain effects that quickly pass. A great complement to GHRP-2 is CJC-1295, Sermorelin or MOD GRF.

Method of administration:
–Subcutaneous injection.
–Aerosol / nasal spray.

As we can see, peptides are becoming more and more popular due to availability, ease of application and practically very few side effects or their absence. Therefore, a large part of people decide to buy them. As we can see, the best action is always in combination with an additional peptide / agent. Remember that the most important part of this puzzle in the first place is a diet with properly selected macronutrients as well as heavy workouts combined with cardio. This is the basis, the use of this type of means is only an addition to the whole, which can make it a little easier for us to act in a faster time.

Recommendations: Immediately before training, it will work well with Hgh Frag.
Excessive dose can cause a feeling of heat, sugar descent, heat, fatigue, decreased energy. Therefore, more is not better. We suggest always starting with a smaller dose.