How does Proviron Work?

As a male gets older, the body is naturally going to reduce the amount of testosterone it creates. This is the hormone that is responsible for energy, sex drive, and even the ability to get and maintain an erection. For many males, they want to be healthy and have a high level of testosterone at any age. The use of Proviron can help them to get the levels back up if they have dropped.

The body isn’t able to tell the difference between natural testosterone and what is created with the use of Proviron. Some males take it to get a boost before they get to a point where they feel sluggish or experience other effects from low testosterone. This boost can help them to feel good, to have enough energy for their activities and to get a boost over hurdles when they exercise or they take part in sports.

Quite a few males rely on this substance because it is less expensive than anabolic steroids. They can also get it without any hassles or worries about legal troubles. This is not a product for women to use. While women have a small amount of testosterone in their bodies, they don’t need much. This product isn’t going to deliver any value to them.


When an male isn’t creating enough testosterone at a young age, there can be an underlying health issue responsible for it. One that is very common is Hypogonadism. The body isn’t creating enough and that can hinder growth or the development that is naturally going to take place for a youth through puberty. The use of Proviron can help the to continue to grow and to complete the puberty process if it is introduced early enough.

Stacked with Steroids

It isn’t uncommon for Proviron to be stacked with anabolic steroids. This is because it promotes lean muscle mass and strength. At the same time, it helps to boost energy and to improve move. Many males find the sleep better and feel happier when they have added this to their intake. They often stack it to help get these benefits, but also to reduce the risk of gynecomastia. This is the development of male breast tissue. It can be a problem with the use of anabolic steroids.

Offsetting that possible problem early on is a good idea. It is much easier to be proactive and avoid it than to suffer through the pain and discomfort. If the male continues to use anabolic steroids, the concerns may become permanent. At that point, they would have to live with the breast tissue or pursue it being surgically removed.

Many enhancers also suppresses the natural production of testosterone. After a male completes that cycle, they must take other products to help stimulate that natural production again. Adding this product during the end of the cycle can help to reduce the dependency upon post cycle therapy to get that testosterone level regulated again naturally.

Increase Sex Drive

Low libido can be upsetting for many males, and they don’t like to talk about it. Those that are struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) make experience anxiety and depression because of it. The use of Proviron can help with increasing overall sex drive. It can help with obtaining and maintaining an erection. Many men find this helps them both physically and mentally with the issue of sexual intimacy.

The use of this medication can also increase sperm count. That information is encouraging for any male that may be struggling with fertility issues. If the doctor determines low testosterone is part of the underlying problem, they may recommend taking this for a period of time. It is worth trying before diving into IVF.


The dose of this product depends on the male and what they would like to achieve. Often a dose of 25 mg per day is sufficient. Due to the fact that it boosts testosterone levels without problems, it is something that can be taken for several months at a time. Some males take it alone based on what they would like to see results with.

Others take it with other products, but it is important to conduct your research to make sure they are a good fit with each other. Find out what each item in that stack offers and if they are compatible with each other. There are athelets and bodybuilders out there taking up to 75 mg of Proviron per day and not experiencing any side effects because of it.

The duration of a cycle shouldn’t exceed six weeks at a time. It is recommended to take four weeks off after such a cycle. This can be repeated though over and over again. Giving your body a break from it though doesn’t mean your testosterone levels will plunge. Often, it levels out and then you will start to notice slight changes. This can be an indicator it is time to start up the cycle again.

When this product is taken for a medical need, it should be up to the doctor to determine the duration of treatment. It may be for a short amount of time, to kick start the body into doing what it should naturally. For youth going through puberty, a low dose may be necessary for several years in order for them to grow as they should. It has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

It is important to keep all follow up appointments with medical professionals regarding progress. They have to see the use of Proviron is helping the situation. If not, they may need to change the dose or they may need to change the medication. Skipping doses isn’t recommended as it often takes a consistent presence of it to keep testosterone levels up for medical benefits.

Possible Side Effects

Many athletes prefer to use Proviron instead of anabolic steroids. This is because they can get the testosterone boost they need without harsh side effects. Many anabolic steroids can result in gynecomastia or water retention. Such issues aren’t going to develop with the use of Proviron. However, individuals with high blood pressure aren’t a good candidate to take it. Doing so can cause more problems with the issue.

High blood pressure can result in serious health issues. They include heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. It is very important to work with your doctor to get such issues under control. The use of Proviron is only recommended for those in good health with blood pressure at a normal range.

Most people don’t experience any side effects when they take it at a low dose. When the dose is increased, it can cause them to develop. Such side effects should subside within a week or so of use. If not, let your doctor know if they prescribed it. Such side effects may include:

As shared above, women shouldn’t use Proviron becaue their bodies aren’t designed to have such levels of testosterone in them. Would who use it are likely to experience unwanted body hair, an enlarged clitoris, and deepening of the voice. There are better products out there for women to use that won’t create such side effects to them.