What is it exactly?

Modified GRF is a peptide that stimulates the formation of new muscle cells and contributes to the increase in strength and endurance of the body. The MOD GRF peptide is mainly used in the process of reducing body fat. It affects the acceleration of metabolism, strengthens muscles and supports their regeneration during sleep. MOD GRF can be used both during slimming and building muscle mass.

What are the effects of use?

– facilitates fat burning,

– strengthens the muscles,

– improves the quality of sleep,

– supports the regeneration of the body,

– facilitates the healing of micro-injuries,

– strengthens immunity.


Due to the short half-life of the peptide, it is recommended to apply it in the form of two injections a day. The first dose on an empty stomach, the second before going to sleep up to 2 hours after the last meal. The average dose is 50-100 mcg, 2 times a day. For better results, MOD GRF can be combined with: GHRP-2,GHRP-6, ipamorelin, hexarelin, as well as MK677. Depending on preferences, the peptide can be administered in the form of a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

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Side Effects

Like any product, side effects can occur, including:

– hot flushes,

– headaches and dizziness,

– problems with falling asleep,

– water retention in the body,

– diarrhea,

– arthralgia.

Important: People with cardiovascular or heart conditions should not use MOD GRF.