It often happens that being on PED, our intestines cannot digest properly. At the outset, let’s start with the fact that we have ped available on the market that affect much more, and less for digestion, be it the body.

Certainly stronger means that we will include in the case of negative digestion will be all kinds of means oral, i.e. those in tablets that tire our intestines the most. Often this problem also occurs with Trenbolone, but can anything be done about it?

The answer is not obvious, because it depends in particular on the organism and how advance You are. If you are a beginner in doping, your intestines are not rubbed so hard, so you may not have a problems. However, over time and the older the body needs much more attention and bioavailability. When you are younger, your wounds/injuries heal faster, so do these processes with age slow down.

Of course, I have good news, because if we prevent at the very beginning, we can avoid such problems.

How To Prevent Negative Digestion On Cycle?

First of all, it is worth using peptides that support the removal of inflammation. Avoid oral steroids – Players often using them at the end of reduction or mass cycle. Supplementation, which is crucial in this case. What I mean?


All supplements that support the digestive system / intestines and have an anti-inflammatory effect.


They belong to this group:

Omega acids – the broadly understood best supplement against inflammation

Probiotics – The basis not only for cycles, but also for every person who has problems with defecation, or has symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, frequent visits to the toilet

Sodium butyrate – Supports the digestive system

Digestive enzymes – support with large and small amounts of food

Periodically fasting Glutamine, which also supports the digestive system.

These are definitely 4 supplements that I would be interested in during the cycle.

How Your Diet effect on Intestines During Cycle?

The key thing is diet and if you don’t want to have problems after oral cycles stomach – you must finally understand that the key is diet and hydration.

*No processed products and easily digestible meals are the foundation for building quality weight, and no bowel problems. We are talking about fish, groats, protein isolate, rice gruels. If you have a problem with cottage cheese and vegetable proteins – you don’t eat them. It is obvious.

While adequate hydration is a success for the intestines, imagine a pipe that is dry and passes through extra dry food. Digestive enzymes will have a hard time with this. Usually people drink too little amount of water, the daily amount of a person practicing hard training is a minimum of 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

The Summary…

The way to the absence of abdominal / intestinal pain is not the abuse of ORAL agents. Bodybuilders usually introduce them cyclically and very rarely, because they know that they are appropriate digestion is the basis of good form. Inappropriate supplementation and hydration negatively affect yours form 🙂

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