Why is Anadrol Considered the Safest of all Anabolic Steroids?

Why is Anadrol Considered the Safest of all Anabolic Steroids?

Why is Anadrol Considered the Safest of all Anabolic Steroids?

Anadrol is considered to be the safest of all the anabolic steroids available. For many consumers, this is a key selling point. They want the gains with steroids, but they want to eliminate as many of the possible side effects as they can. They don’t want to create issues for their vital organs just to have more muscle or to cut fat.

You may hear Anadrol by the name of Oxymetholone too, but they are one and the same. It allows a person to get plenty of lean muscle mass and to be stronger than before. However, it isn’t going to give them as rapidly as other steroids. Instead, it is a slower process over a longer span of time. Many athletes and bodybuilders are fine with that, they don’t need the gains immediately, and they do want to see results they can count on without the high risk of problems later on due to what they used.

Medical Introduction

The anabolic steroid was first introduced to help with various medical ailments. It is often used to treat anemia because it will help the body to create more red blood cells. For athletes and bodybuilders, increasing the amount of red blood cells allows them to have more energy and endurance without feeling shaky or irritable.

By the end of the cycle, users of Anadrol can expect about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Of course, in order to get it, they have to work hard. The right workout plan and diet for a bulking cycle all influence that outcome. Keep your eye on the prize and work hard, the Anadrol in the system is going to give you a powerful boost so you can be proud of what you have accomplished when the cycle ends.

Possible Side Effects

Even though Anadrol is the safest option for a steroid, there are some potential side effects to think about. Understanding the pros and cons before you use it is very important. The lower the dose you use the less likely it is that you will have side effects to worry about. It is possible for Anadrol to harm the liver if it is used in large amounts or for an extensive period of time.

It is a good idea to check the liver before you begin the use of any steroids, including Anadrol. If the liver is compromised it isn’t a good idea to start the cycle. If all is good, make sure you repeat such testing again in a few weeks. If the enzymes are elevated, that can mean you need to lower the dose of Anadrol or stop taking it.

Due to the fact that Anadrol can aromatize in the body, you have to be aware of symptoms relating to water retention. Aromatizing can be reduced or prevented by stacking an anti-estrogenic compound with the Anadrol for the duration of the cycle. Signs of water retention include swelling around the hands, feet, and ankles.

The cycle shouldn’t last more than 4 to 6 weeks to get the full benefits from it. Using it for longer than that will increase the risk of serious side effects. Water retention has to be avoided due to the risk of a heart attack or stroke. This is the result of the heart working too hard and high blood pressure. The use of Anadrol can suppress the natural production of testosterone. You should plan for post cycle therapy after your cycle of using this steroid ends. Doing so will help speed up the start of the body making it again.

Most of the side effects someone starting a cycle of Anadrol may experience are very mild. They are notable, but they aren’t going to cause serious problems or prevent you from going about your daily routine. They tend to go away in a few weeks, the body just needs a bit of time to adjust to the compound in the system. Such common side effects include:

  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea