Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Depot is a wonderful anabolic androgenic steroid. It was introduced in 1962 and continues to be a well-known favorite today. It was introduced at that time under the trade name of Nibal and Nibal Depot as both an oral and injectable product. By the 1960s, it was no longer manufactured by any of the USA pharmacies. The production has all taken place in pharmacies located in Germany since that time. Primobolan Depot is an injectable product while Primobolan is the oral version.

It is one of the very popular anabolic steroids used by athletes and body builders. It is stated that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used this during his bodybuilding days, and he was one of the best during his prime. Of course, a person would have to work very hard to get the same physique as he did at that time, but it is possible with the right diet and workout. Adding Primobolan Depot doesn’t hurt the results either!

Another reason Primobolan Depot is extremely popular is due to the safety rating it has. When you compare it to other anabolic steroids, it is at the top of the overall safety elements. Since it is mild, both men and women can use it successfully. It has been used medically too in children for various needs. This includes those that are underweight and even for boosting the immune system of preemies.

Primobolan Depot is used in medical realms to help boost the immune system of those with muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS/HIV. It can also be a useful treatment for sarcopenia and osteoporosis. In some instances, it has been prescribed to fight hepatitis and carcinoma.

This anabolic steroid isn’t going to promote large gains like some of the other options out there. Males often use it as a basis to help them stack on top of it. They do find it to be more efficient than the oral alternative. The reason it is so widely used for performance enhancement is it helps to speed up the healing process and to reduce joint pain.


It is derived from an altered version of DHT. This allows it to be more anabolic and the extra 1-methyl group prevents it from causing any type of damage to the liver. The addition of the Enanthate ester in Primobolan Depot helps to control the time release of the hormone into the body. The anabolic rating is 88 and the androgenic rating ranges between 44 and 57. Keep in mind, testosterone has a rating of 100 in both areas.


Primobolan Depot offers some excellent functions that are found in all anabolic steroids. They include the ability to enhance the synthesis of protein and to increase the number of red blood cells. At the same time, it will reduce the amount of Glucocorticoid hormones found on the body. An additional benefit is Primobolan Depot helps to promote the amount of nitrogen retained in the muscles. It also binds well to the androgen receptor.

Primobolan Depot can help those with muscle wasting disease as long as it is in the stage where the immune system needs a boost. It doesn’t help the patient in the later stages. It is one of the best anabolic steroids when you need to boost the immune system. For athletes, this can help them to remain as healthy as possible through all of their cycles. Changes to the diet, especially for a cutting cycle, can make them feel unwell. They have very strict diets that would be hard for a normal person to stick with for a few days, let alone for several months!


There are quite a few better choices for an off season bulking steroid than Primobolan Depot. It isn’t the one if you are after significantly increases in lean tissue mass. However, the fact that it isn’t estrogenic and won’t cause the body to retain water are certainly benefits to be interested in. Any weight that may be gained using Primobolan Depot will be completely lean muscle mass, and any gains in that regard are worth it.

For females, the use of Primobolan Depot in an off-season cycle is more encouraging than for males. Women tend to be very sensitive to anabolic steroids and they have to be careful of the side effects. Primobolan Depot is one of the best products out there for females to use as it won’t cause virilization unless a woman is extremely sensitive. Most women don’t want to bulk up so it makes it the winning possibilities for them.

With a low dose, a strict diet, and a good exercise program, you can use Primobolan Depot to cut fat and to increase definition of the lean muscle tissue. The metabolic value it offers also means it is easier to get rid of any body fat so you aren’t accumulating it over the off season. The best time for both genders to use this anabolic steroid is during a cutting cycle. This is because it is going to help protect that muscle tissue you have worked so hard to create.

You have to burn more calories than you take in if you want to lose body fat. You need a plan of action with the right foods and the right exercise so you can burn it. When you cut back on calories though, it can compromise the lean muscle tissue you have. You don’t want it to pull energy from the muscles, you want to encourage it to pull from the fat. It is a natural human survival mechanism you can’t change.

However, you can supplement and override that natural survival instinct with the use of Primobolan Depot. This is going to help offer a layer of protection for the muscle and encourage the body to use up the fat. Primobolan Depot also allows that fat to be burned faster due to the enhanced metabolism. When body fat rate is very low, then a person can see the definition and hardness while using Primobolan Depot.

Many athletes like what this anabolic steroid is able to offer them for their performance. It can help them to get stronger and to have more endurance. While it isn’t going to bulk them up, it can help them to feel better and it can also help them stay under the radar. No one wants others to suspect they are using Primobolan Depot or any other anabolic steroid. It needs to remain private and large gains is a dead giveaway.

Possible Side Effects

Even though Primobolan Depot is very user friendly for males and females, there are still possible side effects you need to know about. The higher the dose and the longer the cycle, the more the risk of potential side effects too. When used correctly, it is one of the safer anabolic steroids you have to choose from.


While Primobolan Depot is considered to be mild, there can be some androgenic side effects that occur with the use of it. This can include:


Hair loss

Unwanted body hair

The hair loss is generally only going to occur for those who have a genetic link to issues such as male pattern baldness. Others will have trouble with acne as they are very sensitive to this particular compound. For the most part though users don’t have any androgenic side effects to report. The use of a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride can help to reduce the androgenic side effects if they do occur with the use of Primobolan Depot.

Women who use any anabolic steroid, including this one, need to be well aware of virilization and the consequences. These side effects include:

Deeper voice

Enlarged clitoris

Unwanted body hair

Immediately discontinue the use of Primobolan Depot if such symptoms do occur and the body should return to normal. Failure to do so though will result in those side effects being permanent. Women should always use a low dose to reduce the risk of such side effects from developing.


There isn’t any risk to changes in your blood pressure from the use of Primobolan Depot. If you already have high blood pressure though you should keep an eye on it when you use any type of steroids. You also need to test your cholesterol as the use of anabolic steroids can cause the bad cholesterol to increase and the good cholesterol to decrease. Make sure you eat a balanced diet without sugar or saturated fats. You also need to engage in a cardio workout 2 or 3 times per week.


There aren’t any estrogenic side effects to worry about relating to the use of Primobolan Depot This is because it won’t aromatize and it isn’t a progestin. You won’t have to worry about retaining water or Gynecomastia when you use it. This is another reason you don’t have to worry about high blood pressure. That is after the result of water retention issues.


Primobolan Depot won’t cause stress or any damage to your liver.


All of the anabolic steroids out there will suppress the natural production of testosterone, and that includes Primobolan Depot. However, the rate of suppression is much less and much slower than with other compounds. It is a good idea to use an exogenous testosterone with it to help rev your testosterone levels back to their natural production after you end the use of Primobolan Depot and it is completely out of your system. It is wise to have a post cycle therapy plan in motion.

Use of Primobolan Depot

The dose of Primobolan Depot for a male using it therapeutically is between 100 and 200 mg per week. It is usually started at the 200 mg mark for a few weeks and then tapered down to the 100 mg for the duration of the cycle. Some only use 100 mg every other week though, depending on what they stack it with. For males who are athletes, a dose of 300 mg is the lower end and it can be as high as 600 mg per week. Keep in mind, the higher the dose, the more there is a risk of side effects. The cycle will range from 8 to 12 weeks and it is typically used during a cutting cycle.

Females should use between 50 mg and 100 mg per week for a therapeutic benefit. Female athletes shouldn’t use more than 100 mg per week. The risk of virilization increases with the higher dose so women should try to stick to the lower range for Primobolan Depot. The cycle should range between 4 and 6 weeks.

Buying Primobolan Depot

It is hard to find good quality Primobolan Depot because it isn’t in high supply. The underground labs have a hard time keeping up with the demands for it. You won’t find any pharmacies in the USA offering it either, but it is still approved by the FDA. You must be very careful about what you buy and where you buy it. There are many counterfeit products out there and they can make you ill or offer you no benefit at all.

Low grade products for a high price are common problem when it comes to shopping the underground labs for Primobolan Depot. They know you aren’t going to report them because it is illegal to have this in many locations. In the USA, Primobolan Depot is a Schedule III controlled substance. You must have a prescription to buy it legally and even then, you can still get scammed if you aren’t very careful of who you buy it from.


The quality of Primobolan Depot is there as long as where you buy it from hasn’t taken advantage of you. It is appealing due to the low risk of side effects and the way it helps athletes to promote healing. Women like it as it has far fewer risk for them than the other anabolic steroids available. Understanding what it offers and what it doesn’t will prevent you from being disappointed with it.

You aren’t going to see large gains in muscle mass with the use of Primobolan Depot. However, it is a good idea to use it during a cutting cycle because you can protect the muscles you do have. The body can burn fat rather than burning the muscle which is instinctive for it to do so. It can help an athlete get stronger and have better overall endurance, so that is where it comes into motion for an off-season cycle.