Nandrolone Decanoate

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Nandrolone Decanoate

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Nandrolone Decanoate
You may hear the steroid Decanoate called Nandrolone or Deca Durabolin. No matter what someone chooses to call it, this is a very popular steroid. It is both androgenic and anabolic. In the world of medicine, it is sometimes used to treat anemia. It can also help to slow down the progression of wasting disease. Sometimes, women who have gone through menopause are given this substance to control Osteoporosis.

There are some experimental efforts in place to offer it for those with various mental health disorders. This includes schizophrenia. It can help to make someone focus, think clearly, and reduce anxiety. No matter what the reason is that someone uses it, these mental benefits can be every bit as encouraging as the physical ones.

The most common uses for Decanoate have to do with bodybuilding and athletics. Getting a body that is strong, defined, low body fat, and powerful doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of a serious diet plan and full dedication in the gym daily. It is the result of efforts to increase strength and overall endurance. Enough energy to complete such workouts doesn’t come naturally either.

The use of such steroids can help someone get the additional drive they need. It can help them both physically and mentally to be prepared. Decanoate works very fast, and that allows someone to have more strength and endurance early on. They will also see the boost in their energy so they can push hard. Being able to wake up the next day and do it again is hard, and this substance can make it easier to keep that commitment.

How does it Work?

The use of Decanoate allows the body to have more energy. It also allows it to retain more nitrogen. The nitrogen promotes muscle growth and it extends the fibers in the muscles. This allows them to have more room to grow, for substantial development. In an 8 week cycle, the user can expect from 10 to 20 pounds of additional lean muscle mass.

At the same time, this substance promotes healing. The workouts are intense, and the body needs time to rest. It is actually during the resting period, not the workouts, when the muscles will grow and get stronger. Being able to recover in less time reduces the risk of injuries. It also reduces the risk of fatigue that prevents someone from being motivated to workout.

Decanoate is going to stimulate the appetite, and that is very important during a bulking cycle. The individual may need to consume up to 6,000 calories every single day to keep up with the workouts. They must provide enough fuel for their body to continue driving forward at such a speed. Being able to eat that much means you have to have an appetite and strict diet plan.

Many athletes find they have more stamina shortly after they add Decanoate to their routine. This can help them have an edge over their competitors. It can help them push harder and run faster. When they are trying to improve times or they need to outperform someone else, such differences can play a role in the outcome. Most users find they notice a difference in the first two weeks of using this substance. That encourages them to continue to use it for the duration of the bulking cycle.

Those taking Decanoate find it is very good on their joints and bones. This matters because the intensity of the workouts can be very harsh. It can make the muscles, joints, and bones hurt. This can also increase the risk of injuries. The use of this substance actually makes the joints and bones stronger. It will allow you to see results without dealing with the pain in order to see those gains.


Decanoate is given by injection, and should be administered according to medical guidelines. It depends on the health issue and how severe it is. The goal will be for the doctor to find the lowest dose to give you the ultimate benefits. The injections may need to be done weekly or once a month depending on the situation.

For those using Decanoate for bodybuilding or athletics, the injections should take place weekly. The cycle shouldn’t be for more than 8 weeks. Then at least 6 weeks off of the substance are recommended. If you use it for longer than 8 weeks, it isn’t going to offer you any additional gains. The body is going to build up a resistance to it.

Taking this substance in larger quantities isn't going to help you see more results either. You can’t be greedy with what you are trying to gain from it. Instead, you need to stick to the guidelines so you don’t increase the risk of possible side effects developing. The injection site needs to be rotated each time to prevent one area from getting to sore from the injections. A clean, sterile needle needs to be used each time.

This substance can be traced in the system for about 3 weeks after it is no longer being used. For those that will be subjected to drug testing, it is important to plan the cycle of use to where it ends early enough. This will reduce the risk of the Decanoate showing up in the drug testing. You don’t want to be questioned or get disqualified.

Be very careful about your purchase of Decanoate on the black market. It isn’t all the same, and you need a quality product. You need something that you can rely on to help your each your goals. Due to the high demand for this anabolic steroid, there are plenty of imitators out there. They are giving you a less than quality product, and you may not be fully aware of what you are putting into your system.

For the best results, the lowest possible dose should be used for athletics and bodybuilding. Start out with 200 mg per week. That can be increased by 100 mg per week if you feel you need it. The weekly dose shouldn’t exceed 600 mg though. Try to find a dose that works best for you, and keeping it lower is going to reduce potential side effects.

This is a very powerful steroid, and it isn’t recommended to dive right in at the maximum dose. That may prove to be too difficult for your body to adjust to all at once. Give it time to accept the substance you are adding to your body. Should you stack Decanoate with other steroids, that may result in changing the dose as well. Do your homework to identify the best stack for your intended results.

Possible Side Effects

There are several possible side effects someone can experience while using Decanoate. Such issues tend to subside after a few weeks. It just takes time for the body to get used to this substance in the system. Such side effects can include:

Hair loss

Should you experience any serious side effects due to the use of Decanoate, reduce the dose or stop taking it. If you are under medical care, make sure you notify your doctor immediately. Such serious side effects include:

Shortness of Breath
Difficulty urinating
Mood changes
Difficulty breathing
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Re: Nandrolone Decanoate

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I know is not the most used anabolic in this days, most people use bolde, but i have to said if you need great results in off season nothing beats deca and is made for humans ( bolde is made for horses ).

Test Deca and Dbol always works even in bad genetic athlete
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