PGF-MGF - what is it?!?

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PGF-MGF - what is it?!?

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Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, also known as PEG-MGF, is a peptide derived directly from IGF-1. Do I have your attention now?

PEG-MGF has many benefits:

-Enhanced metabolism
-Increased muscle cell production
-Enhanced recovery to strained or injured muscles
-Increased muscle mass
-Slower protein breakdown

This quote caught my attention: "This peptide is ideal for anyone suffering from muscle loss, either due to old age or a particular condition."
This quote caught my attention because I thought of some interesting scenarios it could be used.

This is a nice substitute for older athletes that want to stay "natty" and keep the muscle mass they already have.

This could easily be stacked with BPC-157 or TB-500 to help injuries heal quicker.

It could also be used in a cut to help retain muscle mass if an individual is cutting and not using Trenbolone or Anavar. It could possibly be used in combination with Trenbolone or Anavar in an "extreme' cut.

Does anyone have any experience with this peptide?

Any other ways this peptide could be used or stacked?

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Re: PGF-MGF - what is it?!?

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This one sounds like it would be great to add to a healing/recovery protocol.
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Re: PGF-MGF - what is it?!?

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I've never used it. It's on my radar now though :ymapplause:
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