* - Dosage for the second reduction - Knowledge in a pill

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* - Dosage for the second reduction - Knowledge in a pill

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Hi, in an earlier post (if you haven't seen it, I send it back )':

anabolic-steroid-chatter-box-f4/dosage- ... t2518.html

I mentioned the first reduction and dosing.'

Now I will tell you how I would do a more advanced reduction.
Of course, I do not mention that the main factor in whether you will lose fat and how fast is the caloric deficit, i.e. diet.

Going right away with doses :

1-12 Week - Testosteron Enanthate - 250-400mg - the same as with Masteron in terms of dosage. the more muscles you have, the higher the doses.
1-12 Week - Masteron enanthate 300-500mg ( depending on your muscle mass, if you weigh more, a dose of 400-500mg will be ideal. ) - Remember, we are talking about muscle mass, fat mass or general mass.!
1-3 Week - T4 25mg
4-6 Week - T4 50mg
7-12 - T4 75mg (After a week we go to test the thyroid panel, if the results are outside the norm, we reduce the dose. (HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL)]
1-2 Week - Clenbuterol 20mcg.
3-4 Week - Clenbuterol 40mcg
5-6 Week - Clenbuterol - 60mcg
7-12 Week - Clenbuterol 80mcg
Important: In general, if you feel side effects, heart pounding, reduce the dose.
clenbuterol, we should only increase the dose when you see that your figure does not change. And the weight is...

5-8 Week - Oxandrolone 30mg ( 2 tab before training)
9-12 Week - Oxandrolone 50mg ( 3 tab before training)
8-12 Week Winstrol - 30mg

1-12 Week - Growth Hormone - If you can afford Growth Hormone, I've been using it only from Euro-Pharmacies for several years, so I can recommend it.

If you are a beginner you can start with 3iu before 2h workout. It will give you a nice pump :)

If you need help - write a post!

This is one of the easier options for intermediate people.

Remember that everyone is approached individually, so it's important to do it with your head and preferably under care.

So if you decide to downsize, I recommend writing a post. I'd be happy to assist.


Remember to use proven anabolic agents.

Such as Euro-Pharmacies, I use them myself so I can recommend them because I know they work 100%.

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