Euro Pharmacies - Physique Update

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Euro Pharmacies - Physique Update

Post by ckcrown84 »

Damn, I am loving my current EP Cycle, with only a few weeks left in my cut I wonder what tricks I am going to pull toward the end :)

Current Dosing
All Euro Pharmacies

Test C 250mg/Week
Masteron E 600mg/Week
Winni 50mg/Day [25mg am/25mg pm]
BPC 157 - 2IU/Day

I am debating launching an actual channel and providing content. Leave a comment if its something that may interest you. Would be cool to see my base.

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Re: Euro Pharmacies - Physique Update

Post by Vision »

Fucking BEAST!!!!!
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Re: Euro Pharmacies - Physique Update

Post by MONSTRO »

Is incredible yes, and is the prove that heavy weights build big muscles . I use much more gear than him and im smaller and weaker .
Genetics is more important than gear yes

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