G-Trophin blood test

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G-Trophin blood test

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This is Bruno , athlete of Team Monstro and he uses all products from PSL Euro Pharmacies including the HGH G-Tropin .
Here is is pictures and also blood test made last saturday .
Using only 5ius ED and doing 5ius 3 hours before blood test he got´s 26,1ng HGH serum and 201,1ng IGF levels
he dont use any peptide to increase is IGF and here is is cycle :

Test E 250mg EOD
Tren Ace 100mg ED
Masteron Prop 100mg ED
Winstrol 50mg ED
Tamoxideno 20mg ED
HGH G-Tropin 5ius fasted

*all products from PSL Euro Pharmacies
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