Gym #4 - Do I need to run to lose weight?

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Gym #4 - Do I need to run to lose weight?

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In this post I will touch on a topic that is quite controversial in the world of Fitness to do cardio or not to do?

I hate running or does that exclude me from not burning fat? - I prefer to ride a bike, or work in the garden, walk or swim, or nothing at all - just go to the gym

All the foundations - I will try to write in the simplest way possible so that everyone can understand them. - Feel free to follow, daily one post

- These are the basics that most should know, but always people who have a problem with losing weight do not know them. - Feel free to make a brief summary :)

I do not see the point of writing "professional" phrases, the meaning of which is known only to nutritionists and sounds wise :lol: - this is not the point here.

So what's it like? Do I have to run necessarily to lose weight?

Well, the answer may sound surprising, but if you do not like running, you do not have to do it, or you have an injury that excludes you from this activity, nothing is lost.

A good and at the same time unpleasant example is the fact that on the Internet we will find people who are cut, have 6six pack, and do not have legs .. so they can't run.

This is a drastic example, but it gives a lot to understand.

We do not have to do activities that are not pleasant for us, firstly we will quickly get discouraged, and secondly it will not be pleasant for us, and if we do it recreationally

Not professionally, all the more so... >>> A question arises in my head, so what for? Where does this myth come from that you have to run? Again, let me remind you that everything depends on our caloric balance.

Thanks to physical activity, we can eat more and accelerate fat burning. If we did not move at all, we could eat much less than even a person who works as hmm. Postman using a bicycle.

Therefore, for the psyche and better well-being, it is better to add any activity to our health. The more so because it is strongly indicated

Studies show that just 15 minutes of any physical activity a day lowers the risk of premature death.
Scientists from Taiwan came to this conclusion. Physical activity plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

To sum up, physical activity is not limited only to Running - Activity f. is everything that requires energy and movement from us.

However, if you don't like it, you don't have to. Choose a walk to the store, e.g. for shopping, instead of by car. You will save, at the same time you will extend your life, and you will be able to allow for a greater supply of calories.

The average person who does it for himself and hates running can exchange this form of activity for another that he likes :) I know that there is a pretty big myth in the world about running, or doing thousands of squat crunches,
Which makes you think that more is better. Unfortunately, even if we run 2 hours, and the result will be a large larger amount of food, exceeding our caloric balance, it is still quoting Pudzianowski's saying
"It would not do anything anyway" - that's why you must remember that each of us has its own caloric demand and it is thanks to him, cutting calories, we lose weight. It depends on whether we will burn fat or not.

In the next post I will describe the Caloric Balance and how to determine it to lose weight eating more often than before and lose weight. In addition, you will not have to introduce products that you do not like.

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Re: Gym #4 - Do I need to run to lose weight?

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So there are a ton of choices. I walk but I'd rotate through different options
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