Gym #5 - Mass or reduction?

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Gym #5 - Mass or reduction?

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A big mistake of a person who would like to build muscle mass or reduce fat - is that he does not know what to do

Bulking or Cutting? - I know many bodybuilders who regret in their youth that they spent too much time on reaching the perfect figure
(i.e. on reduction) - which makes them think that they lost a lot of time that they could have used for MASS. I'm talking about the reduction from bone to bone :lol:

So where to start? He wants to build muscle, but at the same time burn fat, is it possible? - We will talk about this.

What will be better for you? - Well, it depends mainly on your fat.
And that's where we should start - we need to set a goal for your next 2-3 months. Without a goal, you do not know what you really want and what you have to do.
It's like a ship that goes on a cruise without a plan - it will quickly crash and sink. Therefore, the plan and decision making is the basis, whether in Mass or reduction.

Therefore, after this post, you should determine whether you want to burn fat or build muscle. - Because in both cases we act differently.

If you are heavily flooded and have a lot of unnecessary ballast, the perfect choice for you will be Reduction.

Why should obese or overweight people reduce their body fat at the beginning?
First of all, due to the insulin sensitivity of tissues. The more body fat a person has,
the worse the insulin sensitivity of the muscles, and at the same time the better the insulin sensitivity of adipose tissue.

Insulin sensitivity is, in simple translation, the ability to capture energy from the bloodstream.
That is, if a person has impaired insulin sensitivity of muscles, then most of the energy
It is captured by fat cells, which results in the growth of adipose tissue.

However, if you are not satisfied with your weight, you are quite skinny, then you should build muscle and start "mass".

Nothing stands in the way of us starting to do it. We have a good foundation to start bulking and building muscle.

Also, the decision depends on how much body fat you have.

- 8-14% body fat – time for Mass
- Above 15% body fat – REDUCTION.

Check what body fat you have> ... ge-men.jpg

And make a decision/goal whether you need to reduce or massage.

Why do we do this and not otherwise?
The main reason is primarily your health.
Obesity is not healthy in itself, if we add more kilograms we expose ourselves to further diseases, etc.
Another reason is if we have less body fat - it is easier for us to control calories and we progress FASTER.
We have much more control over the whole process, we see what works for us and what does not, which makes it much easier and faster to make changes.
As a result, the whole process is clearer and, above all, there are better results - and this is what we want in the main way.

In addition, what would motivate you more?

You have a tire on your stomach and you have excess body fat - you start mass, a month passes - you do not see these new resulting muscles, because they are covered by fat.
You see that the kilograms on the scale go up, which makes you even more frustrated, and in the worst case you will give up because "you can not see the effects"
Therefore, if not on health, then for better motivation we should reduce if our Body Fat (BF) is above 15% )

If we have more than 15+ % body fat, it will be much harder and slower for us to massage and harder for quality muscles.

So NOW think and set yourself a goal what is for you, mass or reduction?
If you've already set it up and know what your goal is - great.

I can finally move on to MACRO and Our Caloric Balance, which in the next post I will move and let's calculate your needs, so that you build muscle or burn fat.

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Re: Gym #5 - Mass or reduction?

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Here's what I see a LOT of. Skinny guys with abs wanna get bigger. So they decide to 'bulk'. They then freak the fuck out when the abs go.

I tell the young guys to have an eye wayyyyy down the road. And add a FEW pounds of lean muscle at a time. And I say that with my old man power belly
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