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I wanted to host you here again, this is another foundation that you only need to introduce into the current everyday life,
And you will not have to interfere with your meals that you eat so far, and the weight will fly down :)

So you eat what you always do, you do not change anything in your diet - and you lose weight.

As I mentioned, I start with the foundations that you can use without dieting, and you will lose weight for a certain time, it can be motivating for you,
If you do not want to change anything in your diet, and make gentle changes to lose fat.

And once you see that after the introduction of tips from the series "FOUNDATIONS #.." you will lose these kilos, you will motivate yourself to additionally make changes in your current meals to maximize the effects in 100%

Also, I guarantee you that after the introduction of these 7 foundations, which I am talking about - you will lose weight and as you can see it without drastic changes. Therefore, this is where you should start,
You MUST know what I'm writing about, so that later, when we calculate your demand by adding what you have already learned in my posts, you will lose weight 2-3x faster, so it's probably worth it?

Listen, gentlemen, you can burn fat without changing ANYTHING, I emphasize NOTHING in your diet. So you can eat as usual, without adding anything, without subtracting anything, under one condition.
First of all, if you are honest with yourself and do not eat more after introducing this action. 8-)

We increase physical activity. Gentlemen are the easiest way if we do not want to change anything in our diet. And in addition, we should do aerobics, or what am I talking about?

We come on non-training days, or after training we get on an elliptical trainer, treadmill, bike, rower, jumping rope and fly with Kox :)
30 minutes pass, in the blink of an eye, and after 21 days we have it so instilled that it is a pleasure for us ...

Dear Sirs, in 30 minutes we will be able to burn up to 400 calories. After a few weeks of regular sessions, nothing stands in the way of extending physical activity up to sixty minutes.

An hour on the elliptical cross trainer is up to 800 burned kcal! But please don't start with an hour, we leave our ego at home. We can even start with 10-15 minutes, and with the next week we increase by 5 minutes, i.e.

1 week - 3 times a week We fly after 10 minutes, after training, unless we decide to come on days off from the gym then we fly at least these 20 minutes + gentle stretching :)
2 weeks - add 5 minutes
3 weeks - add 5 minutes
Up to 30 minutes, then we stay for a few weeks, the weight stops, we increase another 5 minutes :)

You will see how great you will feel after introducing only such an activity, and in addition you will lose weight.

In addition, you increase your body's protection, reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes by 30-40 percent.
BONUS! : Other large population studies show that 30 minutes of WALKING a day, 5 days a week extends life by an average of 3.5 years! < So what if we add an elliptical trainer, at 65-75% of our capabilities? :)

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