Forum rules (must read)

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Forum rules (must read)

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Any discussions that are taking place on X-Steroids is merely for entertainment and educational purposes only.
We do NOT endorse the use of PED's

Know your country's laws and local/regional providence restrictions when it pertains to PEDs sales and possession. Purchase at your own risk!
This is YOUR responsibility to know, not ours..

Absolutely ZERO discussion of payments methods, or discussions on how to ship or receive parcels in the open forum.
This is NOT flexible - there will be no shipping talk or discussions on T/A, most of all you talk on the location in which packages come from.

Absolutely ZERO discussion on trading or personal sales

Absolutely ZERO discussion or talk about seizure letters openly, please contact your sales REP

Absolutely ZERO discussion or mentioning about the types of mail services that was used to receive your items or T/A time.

Absolutely ZERO ousting/posting of personal information of any member
(scammer should be report and once an investigation is conducting at that point it may be considered to allow personal info to be posted - only under the exception of protection to other members and sources alike)

Under no circumstance will sponsor bashing of any sort take place in this community, even if the sponsor is NOT a paying vendor.
Sponsor bashing is crude and in many cases are biased with an ulterior motive

If in the event you have an issue with a paying vendor and you have exercised all resources with contacting their customer service and reps, you may contact a Mod/Admin for assistance that will protect all members with the right to the "fair service and treatment act". Only if you have made all attempts with speaking to the sales site and reps.

There will be no member bashing, flaming, racist or sexual remarks that are harassment .
Playful banter is allow, be a mature and responsible member and know the difference. There will be not flaming or hate comments made under the excuse that it was playful banter.
All matter will be investigated and reviewed by the staff..

Report all spam, or any contact that you feel is unnecessary. It will remain anonymous..This is your moral duty and obligation as a productive member to assist with keeping the community operating fair for everyone..

Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate banning.

Site Admin,
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