Another New Guy Thread

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Another New Guy Thread

Post by Unknown78 »

Hey everyone, new to this whole thing, still trying to get it figured out before I move forward...

44 y/o male, 6'2 208lbs. Been out of the gym for many years, just found my way back this year. It always seemed like I just couldn't make the gains my gym bros did years ago, even though we were doing the same things. Fast forward to now, a little older, a little wiser, a little more disposable income and, the internet. Got the workout plan in place, just trying to put the pieces together here on the last piece of the puzzle.

Been reading a bunch on 1st time stuff, and like everything else, there's so much info out there it can be a bit overwhelming. There was a blog post I read that has seemed to check out through more reading, or at least no huge red flags. It called for

400mg Test E/225mg Tri-Tren per week (Mon/Thur)- 10 weeks
PCT - week 12 &13 - 75mg/d
PCT - week 14 &15 - 50mg/d

With all the experience on this board, hoping for some confirmation on this or perhaps a different solution. Any insight is appreciated

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Re: Another New Guy Thread

Post by Jozifp103 »

Welcome brother. If this is your first cycle you definitely do not want to use Tren. Tren is for advanced users that know how to combat side effects. Keep the first cycle simple with 500mg Testosterone (E or C). Split it 250mg twice a week for 12 weeks. Then of course AI and PCT. EZ PZ.
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