Hi guys! New here, female, mid-40s, looking for...

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Re: Hi guys! New here, female, mid-40s, looking for...

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Supplement t3-t4 has actually beneficial effects as when thyroid is shutdown lymphoma can’t be produced so no cancer since the thyroid is inactive good thing.

I’m here to educate and to help people and I will not help anyone with serious health conditions I’m not a doctor and I will leave that for him her

Everyone may well get cancer we either die of
Heart attack

but we are yet to get there and if I did I wouldn’t bodybuild again and keep my hormone levels low testosterone may not increase cancer cells to multiply but I wouldn’t be healthy enough and certainly wouldn’t risk my health at 45 as the age of humans living life is around 70-80 years old depending on genetics lifestyle
nobody is going to give you advice so you are better staying of bodybuilding boards and just do what a doctor says or go buy them and self prescribe yourself with whatever knowledge you have.

But nobody has replied to you so take that with what you will be it negative

Good luck wish you good health for the future and long healthy life from now

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Re: Hi guys! New here, female, mid-40s, looking for...

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