GW-50 [Cardarine (GW501516)] - What does it actually do?

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GW-50 [Cardarine (GW501516)] - What does it actually do?

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Here's the super simplified version...(You can read the linked studies for the grown-up version)

Cardarine aka GW-50 aka GW501516 is a synthetic agonist of the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta (PPARδ). PPARδ receptors regulate muscle metabolism and homeostasis in skeletal muscle and are activated during exercise. When these receptors are activated their job is to maintain homeostasis within the muscle. This means make sure the muscles have enough, and the right kind of fuel for whatever type of exercise they are being subjected to.

-For aerobic exercise (cardio) the muscles prefer to utilize fatty acids as fuel for a nice, slow, and steady supply of fuel.

-For anaerobic exercise (weight lifting) the muscles prefer carbohydrates for quick and easy energy for more explosive movements.

This is all regulated by PPARδ.

Cardarine activates these PPARδ receptors in a similar way that aerobic exercise does. It triggers a mechanism in the muscle cells' mitochondria that switches its preferred fuel source from carbohydrates to fatty acids. Normally this switch would only happen briefly during aerobic exercise but Cardarine maintains this switch 24/7 which means your body is burning mostly fat throughout the entire day as your body is being tricked into thinking it is doing aerobic exercise.

-This explains why fat loss is increased with Cardarine use.

-This also explains the increase in endurance and cardiovascular ability, because your body is always being prepped and fueled for endurance and aerobic activity.

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Re: GW-50 [Cardarine (GW501516)] - What does it actually do?

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If i have to chose only one sarm to use , i go with cardarine for sure . I have used many brands of sarms over this years , liquids, and pills and i can said nothing beats this cardarine from PSL
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