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One of the most powerful and effective SARMs offered is known simply as S23. It is one that many bodybuilders and athletes fully stand by. They may have been skeptical at first, but they are blown away but the changes to their bodies in such a short amount of time. For those who have also gone the route of steroid use, they were impressed to see such positive outcomes without the harsh side effects.

SARMs can offer benefits to the body, but they don’t create problems for the levels of hormones in the body. This is a significant difference as those hormones influence many of the internal functions When levels are too high or too low, the entire system may struggle to work as a unit until they are in sync again.

Plus, SARMs like S23 are significantly less expensive than anabolic steroids. However, you still need to be careful about what you buy. Too often, consumers of such products get taken advantage of. They assume all products offered out there under this umbrella are the same. There are enough differences that you really need to pay attention.

Learn about what goes into them, learn about the manufacturer, and find out which products other users have had a positive experience with. Such details can help you get narrow it down and pay for something that helps you reach your goals in far less time. Don’t randomly use one and then be disappointed later with the outcome.


The use of S23 does more than just help with creating more muscle mass. It also makes the bones and joints stronger. It can reduce the time it takes to heal, reduce injuries, and help reduce soreness after workouts. Feeling your best is very important, and those workouts continue to progress and get harder. When you already feel worn out and sore, it is impossible to push any harder.

With the use of S23, you will find you have more energy and endurance. You can continue to work out longer and harder, and you will be able to lift more. It isn’t uncommon for users to report such gains and benefits in only a week or two of using it. This gives them what they need to follow a strict workout plan and diet routine. It can also boost mood and help clear the mind.

A product that helps the mind and the body is one you should consider. It has plenty of benefits, and not the difficulties that stem from using anabolic steroids. This one also helps to keep your good and bad cholesterol regulated. This is a very important issue that too many people overlook until their doctor points it out. Gaining such value when you are doing other things for your body to look good is the icing on the cake!

Lean Muscle Growth

You will find the use of S23 allows you to generate more lean muscle growth in less time. It is going to be very hard and defined. This is important as you don’t want soft or lump muscles. You need it to be ripped and powerful so you also generate additional strength along the way. Since this product doesn’t cause your body to create estrogen, you don’t have to be concerned about retaining water. This is one of the biggest issues with using anabolic steroids.

Lose Fat

The less body fat you have, the harder it becomes to successfully get rid of it. You can use this substance to help you burn more body fat. This is especially true for women. They naturally have a harder time burning fat than males due to body chemistry. For both men and women, there is a place for the use of S23 in both bulking and cutting cycles.

It can also help reduce the risk of muscles diminishing during a cutting cycle. You will be using up far more calories than you take in during this cycle. As a result, some of your muscle mass created may disappear, and that is disappointing. The use of this product can prevent that type of outcome from occurring.

Safe for Women

Women also want to add muscle and burn fast, but there aren’t too many products out there that work well with their body chemistry. Most women don’t want to bulk up, but they want to tone up. They want to be strong, have endurance, and have more energy for their performance. The use of S23 can help make that happen, it is safe for them and won’t create all of the harsh side effects they will experience with the use of anabolic steroids.

Many women find the use of this product also increases their libido. For those who have gone through menopause or just aren’t that interested in sex, this can be an added bonus they and their partners really appreciate.


S23 is offered as an oral product, and it should be taken at the same time every day. This will regulate the amount of the substance in the body. For the best results, you don’t want that amount to go up and down based on when you take the product. It is very powerful, so you want to keep the dose as low as possible.

Women should take 5 mg to 10 mg per day. Men should take 10 mg to 30 mg per day. For both genders, it is a good idea to start with the lower dose and see how your body replies to it. If you are doing well, but thing you can gain more from it, increase the dose a bit. Don’t exceed the daily recommendations though. Doing so won’t give you any additional benefits.

For males taking the higher dose, it is advised to divide it in half and take each dose 12 hours apart. S23 should always be taken with food and water to reduce the risk of nausea. This product shouldn’t be used for a cycle longer than 8 weeks. Women often only use it for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Possible Side Effects

The use of S23 can reduce a man’s sperm count, making it very difficult to conceive a child. Men who are trying to do so shouldn’t use this product. Once they stop taking it, the body will start to increase that sperm count to what it was before. It can take a few months to reach that level again though.

The use of it can also reduce testosterone levels in the body. Some users stack other products with this one to offset that from occurring. If you don’t, you will need to consider after cycle therapy with a product that helps you. Such a product is going to jump start the natural production of testosterone once again.

A user may experience some side effects when they first start to take S23. Such side effects tend to go away after a few weeks of use. They can include:


Dry mouth

Hair loss

Using it at very high doses can result in aggressive behaviors, which is a significant reason to keep the dose within the parameters given. If you experience changes in behaviors, the inability to sleep, or changes to heart rate, you should stop taking it immediately or reduce the dose.

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