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One of the powerful products out there getting attention is YK11. While it isn’t a steroid, it isn’t quite a SARM either. Yet it has characteristics of both. It isn’t uncommon to hear it referred to as a hybrid. It has many good qualities of both steroids and SARMs, and that has gotten it a great deal of attention.

Due to the inability to fully categorize it, the product isn’t fully banned, but you still have to be careful about when you use it. If there is a risk you will be drug tested, then you don’t want any of it your system before upcoming deadlines and events. It isn’t worth it to bend up getting disqualified.

Yet the draw to YK11 is the benefits it offers and the great value due to a low cost. This is a better alternative to steroids because they can cause havoc for the body and upset the balance of hormones. They can also be extremely expensive to purchase. This type of substance can offer results without all of the negative elements. If you plan to use it, make sure it will be completely out of your system before you have anything coming up where it could become an issue. This is still a gray area, and one of controversy in many realms.

Boost Energy

When a person uses YK11, they will have more energy than they did before. This is encouraging because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to push through difficult workouts day after day. As you work your body harder and harder, it takes time to recover. With this substance, the recovery will take place in less time.

The further you get into the cycle, the more it will take out of your body to keep going. You need a substance that helps you to get stronger. As a result you can lift more and you can complete more reps than you did the week before. All of this is going to help you reach that ultimate goal you have set. Many users find they sleep better, they have better mental clarity, and their mood improves with the use of it. Increased libido has also been reported.

Create Lean Muscle and Burn Fat

It takes a great deal of focus and determination to change the body. Now that you will have more energy, what are you going to do with it? Creating the right workout plan to help you create lean muscle mass is important. At the same time, you need a diet that gives you fuel and allows you to burn fat. The use of YK11 can help you create that lean muscle tissue in less time. It gives you a boost early on, encouraging you to continue pressing forward.

At the same time, it will help you burn fat with less work on your end. This is why so many rely on it for a cutting cycle too. It isn’t just reserved as a substance to use in bulking cycles. In a cutting cycle, calories are significantly cut back and you are still trying to work out. You need the energy now more than ever.

You also need a way to get rid of the stubborn body fat that remains. Since this substances can rev up the metabolism, you can lose a few more percentage points of body fat. Such efforts will also reduce the risk of losing that muscle mass you created during a bulking cycle. You don’t want it to diminish in the cutting cycle.

Overall Health

Since YK11 can help promoting healing, it offers many advantages to the body. It helps to reduce the risk of injuries. It can reduce soreness of the muscles and joints after a hard workout. The last thing you want is to hurt when you go to the gym the following day to work out again! This substance can help promote healthy bones and make them much stronger.

Safe for Women

At low doses, YK11 can be safe for women, and they find this to be very encouraging. Too many of the steroids are very harsh for the female body. They can create serious side effects that they don’t want to content with. Those side effects could become permanent too, making it quite a risk to dabble with using them.


This is an oral product, and there are many versions of it. Since there are few regulations surrounding YK11, it is a good idea to conduct your research before you buy anything. This will reduce the risk of getting a poor quality product or an imitator. You will only be able to gain the most value from such a product when the quality is there for the taking. Find out what other consumers have used that gave them outstanding results.

The recommended dose of YK11 for women is less than for men. Women should take 1 mg to 2 mg per day for a period of up to 8 weeks. Many women only take this substance for a cycle of 4 weeks. It is best to stick with the 1 mg if you feel you are gaining enough value from it as this will keep side effects low. Only bump up to the 2 mg per day if you feel it will offer you some extra value. If you find it doesn’t, go back to the 1 mg per day.

Males can take between 5 mg and 10 mg per day. Most males will find they have enough benefits gained with 5 mg that they don’t need to bump it is to 10 mg. It is always best to start with the lower dose and see how your body responds to it. Should you decide to stack any anabolic steroids along with it. That can influence your dose and your cycle time. There are some seasoned bodybuilders out there stating they take 20 mg of YK11 per day.

Both men and women should take it at the same time each day in order to get the best results. This will help to keep the levels stabilized in the body. You don’t want them bouncing around due to the amount of time between taking the next dose. To reduce the risk of nausea, make sure you take it with food.

Possible Side Effects

There are significantly fewer possible side effects with YK11 than with the use of anabolic steroids. One of the risks though is it can create harm for the liver. Anyone with liver or kidney problems shouldn’t take this product. It is a good idea to get the liver tested prior to using. Then it should be tested again after 4 weeks. If there are any problems, lower the dose or discontinue using it.

Some possible side effects that can develop with the use of YK11 include:


Hair loss


Keep in mind, when you stack YK11 with anabolic steroids or other substances, that can cause more side effects to develop. The same is true with taking this product at a very high dose or for an extended period of time. Make sure you are well aware of the potential risks involved with any products you put into your system.

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This product is amazing. I didn’t expect shit from it to be honest and when I used at 10mg each day over 8 weeks I was harder and stronger for sure. I didn’t change up anything but adding in yk 11. Don’t sleep on this product.
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I’m on week 2, first time YK user
Yes this is the real Mack. :mrgreen:
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Re: YK11

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Mack wrote: Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:24 pm I’m on week 2, first time YK user
Tell us something more bro.

What plan did you do, doses, cycle length, what do you take with?
Do you make a nice review in the appropriate section bro!?
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Im on week 1 using 10mgs a day of yk-11, I'm stacking it with (ATIPP) AceTestIsoPhenyProp test 700mgs a week and 2 ius HGH eod. SO far so good! I'll report back in another week
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I'm using now at 5mg a day. It works
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Mack wrote: Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:24 pm I’m on week 2, first time YK user
brother, give us news
I also started using it
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Re: YK11

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I feel like 10mg is the sweet spot for most, it's enough to lean out and get scary strong. I had to back off due to nerve issues in my upper back, but that stuff makes me feel like a tank!
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Re: YK11

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This is one i never used and i hope use as soon as possible .
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