HGHEURO.COM review - I'd stay away from them

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HGHEURO.COM review - I'd stay away from them

Post by fernandino143 »

HGHEURO.COM is a fraud as far as I can tell.

Made a single purchase against hgheuro.com and it's been terrible. At this point I'm at 2+ months from my order and they have been ignoring my emails ever since. At a point where I literally had 2 windows open trying to chat with the website: 1 with my "normal" account and another with a fake one using my wife's email. They'd ignore mine and reply to my wife's. That's the kind of people I'm talking about here.

The posts on their website are from fake users. I've been trying to create different accounts and post the same complaints to avoid other people having the same issue but they only stay there for 1 day or so then get deleted... And STILL, my emails are not replied. Made the same complaint in other forums and found that other people had the same kind of problem. However, if one queries them about those complaints they say it's the "competition". The point is: As soon as you finish the purchase, they stop replying to emails and treat you like garbage.

It's been 2+ months since I made my order (it was promised I'd get it in 1 week) and hgheuro.com hasn't delivered or replied to my emails. After writing a piece of script that would send them incremental emails I finally got a tracking number. However, it doesn't show any updates since 21st of last month and when I asked, I didn't get confirmation of WHAT was shipped to me (already imagining that "something" would happen, I asked and was ignored via email once again). I repeat that MY experience with this hgheuro.com website was terrible so far and I will keep posting everything that happens as soon as they happen.

The point is: After all that, I'm not sure I'd have the guts to actually take any of the products I bought. There's reliability or trust whatsoever.

Terrible. Awful. Scum. Pitiful. Scam. Swinglers. Call it whatever you want, but, once you make the purchase, they stop replying? That's just a sign of bad faith from hgheuro.com

It's a shame that reliable companies/labs like BALKAN PHARMACEUTICALS, SP Laboratories, HILMA BIOCARE, PHARMACOM LABS, ZPHC, SPECTRUM PHARMA, ALPHA PHARMA, HORIZON PHARMACEUTICALS, VERMODJE, CYGNUS PHARMACEUTICALS, TESLA PHARMACY allow their names to be related to a company like hgheuro.com. Just a shame.

My advise: Stay away from these guys.

I'll make sure to update here in case it develops any further.

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Re: HGHEURO.COM review - I'd stay away from them

Post by jeronymus »

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Re: HGHEURO.COM review - I'd stay away from them

Post by David01 »

I can confirm the other statements!
HGHEURO is a scammer! It's 100% sure!
After paying they block you right away and never respond again!
But if you create another user they will respond again!
I was chatting with them about details with a new user interested in ordering, but at
the same time there was no respond for my real order!
As soon as I confrontet them with my real order they stopped responding again!
After talking with the them with my fake user, I talked to a Peter Hozar, so be aware if your read his name!

BE AWARE! HGHEURO.COM is a scam! You will never recieive anything after paying!!
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