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Re: training tips

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what do you mean by tips?
advanced training techniques such as rest-pauses,
stripping, pyramidal, superset, giantset,, negative repetitions, forced repetition, superslow ...

The best advice I can give you is stay focused on what you are doing, use the target muscle with an adequate weight load to struggle and fail within 8-10 reps.
make an effort to make slow, controlled movements, make an effort to do one more rep.
if you do not sweat, you do not struggle, you are not tired ... you are giving little and you could do more, then do more and train more intensely

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Re: casino

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Everything works sometimes. No1 is turning up and getting it done
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Re: casino

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Oops, dug up a post from 3 years ago..

I will add from myself that volume progression is important every training session.

And not changing training plans every month.

If you did 100x5 a week ago, do 102.5kgx5 next week

Progress every week, if you can't do it, it's time to change your diet or training plan, if you use it for more than 6-8 months..
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