Certain exercise doesn't seem to be working for me. How do I proceed?

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Certain exercise doesn't seem to be working for me. How do I proceed?

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I'm using myself as an example here. In my case, a particular exercise that doesn't seem effective for me is incline barbell bench press. I have a pretty good mind-to-muscle connection and can usually focus on isolating the target muscle(s) and fell them being worked effectively. However whenever I do incline barbell presses I just cannot seem to find the right technique to target my upper pectorals. I've tried different bench angles, different grips, different tempos, etc., but I just leave feeling like my upper pecs didn't get worked at all.

Now, when I first started lifting and I was just a string bean, I normally wouldn't feel much of anything either because in order to develop that mind-to-muscle connection and actually feel your muscles being worked...you have to have muscle. It wasn't until I built up these muscles that I started to feel them being worked and developed the mind-to-muscle connection.

Having said that...what would be the most beneficial thing for me to do here?

1.) Should I assume that incline barbell doesn't feel like it's working because my upper pecs are underdeveloped...and treat this as a weakness that I need to work on?

2.) Assume that this workout just isn't suited for my body and move to a workout that is more effective for me?

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