How can I keep my estrogen in specific range on TRT?

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How can I keep my estrogen in specific range on TRT?

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Hi, I`m on 200mg of Test E a wk for my trt. I`m a 36yo male and I`ve been on trt for a few years. I`ve lost a lot of fat off of my body with diet and working out and since doing so I have trouble with low estrogen. On my lab work it will come back at say 13 one time, 23 the next, 8 another time etc. This is all while not taking an estrogen blocker anymore. I have not taken one for like 6 months. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get my estrogen higher on my trt? I feel much better when it`s higher. Back when I first started the trt I noticed I felt the best when it was around 50.

I live in the usa so those numbers are what the labs here uses. I`ve tried hcg and it just does not seem to be enough and I am afraid to take to much hcg. When i tried hcg not long ago I used 250iu on mon, wed and fri. Is it safe to use more than this?

any advice would be helpful. Thank u.

p.s. i should also say that 200mg of test Enth a wk and injected in my glutes on tue and fri. This puts my test at around 1400 on blood work. I would be open to lower the dose a bit but the estrogen issue is a problem for me. I also feel really good at this 200mg when my estrogen is not to low

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Re: How can I keep my estrogen in specific range on TRT?

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First and foremost how are you?

You ask pretty good question here, however this can be a bit more complexed than people would truly understand.

When using exogenous testosterone, people are injecting a bioidentical synthetic hormone that in reality is not natural, and it is not theirs.
Our bodies will never respond to synthetic hormones in the way they would with our natural hormones.

The best way to describe this - Now imagine you are looking at two hands, one of the hands has on rubber surgical gloves and the other is just a regular ordinary hand.

The hand with the rubber surgical glove, will move and feel and act like a regular normal hand, it will still function like one.

Now when we look at the regular ordinary hand, specific features are unique and different, This will go all the way down to the fine details with possessing a fingerprint.

The difference between the surgical glove hand and the regular hand is the fact that the real natural regular hand has a fingerprint, which is unlike the surgical glove hand.

Our very own testosterone is the same, there is particular DNA sequences that separate our real testosterone to biosynthetic testosterone.
TRT, or hormonal replacement therapy regardless of the treatment, the goal is to try and mimic in simulate, and duplicate to the best ability possible.
With TRT, there will be specific deactivations and other activations with a ginormous Cascade of events, that will involve all sort of cellular chit chat on many levels, with the activation and deactivation of certain enzymes, or even the creation and awakening of sleeper cells and enzymes.

With TRT, it will never be perfect, and it will always be a cat chased tail game with trying to get numbers within a narrow spectrum. With certain treatments and protocols we can dial things in very closely but there will always be an area where adjustments will be needed, and adjustments will be made in either direction.

The introduction with HCG would be one of the first go to methods with any clinic, specialist or even a general practitioner who may prescribe their patient TRT.

Without seeing any lab work, making an attempt to figure out what could potentially be going on here would simply be nothing but speculation, and assumptions. Someone would have better luck with attempting to hit the bullseye on a moving target while blindfolded, when in comparison with trying to diagnose or attempt to treat your instance without having blood work.

We would need to see everything which would include your free test, your total test, and most of all something that is extremely important is your SHBG levels..

If I was to make any attempt, with taking a stab at this and taking a wild guess, I would believe that your SHBG levels are extremely low, therefore It is binding very aggressively to your testosterone, and either converting it to a heavy ratio with free test and DHT, leaving no wiggle room for estrogen.
Sounds like on paper that you have testosterone/DHT dominance..

You could attempt to try and increase your SHBG levels, but before doing so you should pull blood work and see where your levels are at.
If you have not tested your SHBG, you should always test for it each and every single time that you pull any blood serums regarding your testosterone.
This will give you a better indicator of what's going on, why something is happening and having an idea in which direction you could possibly be going.
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Re: How can I keep my estrogen in specific range on TRT?

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Speak to your endo
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