New guy

All new members must make an intro, tell us just a little bit about yourself, XXX pics of your wife may give you some rep points
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New guy

Post by Matrim »

hello everyone i'm 30y old from italy 12 years lifting experience i had already a couple of cycles, eager to start my next with testo e/c deca M1T.

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Re: New guy

Post by A.font817 »

Welcome to X-roids bro!! There’s a ton of info here to read up on and if you need anything at all shoot me a pm! Your going to love M1T it’s by far my favorite oral!

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Re: New guy

Post by Phill »

welcome and congratulations on your excellent choice.
m1t is super.
have you taken before?

you'll see what a bomb!
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Re: New guy

Post by Jozifp103 »

Welcome to the community brother. We're all here to share knowledge and learn. If you need anything at all; cycle advice, diet advice, life advice, hell why not...even financial advice, you name it...we're all here to help.

Glad to have you.

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Re: New guy

Post by MONSTRO »

Welcome Matrim ,
We are here to help you for all you need. Great choice cycle to bulk , you will grow like crazy. Just keep on and arimidex and tamoxifen

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Re: New guy

Post by Vision »

Welcome to , it's great to have you here... Be sure to read the forum rules and navigate around, check out all the sections that are loaded with great topics.
If there's anything you need please be sure to reach out to the community..
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