Summer cycle

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Summer cycle

Post by Joo »

200mg testo enat

350mg testo propi/wk 50mg/ed

350mg tne/wk

350mg tren/wk 50mg /ed

500mg primo/wk

25 mcg t3/ed
175 mcg
t4/ed synthroid

300mg wellbutrin x1/ed

1mg xanax ed

1/2 caber/wk 1 cp. letro/ed 1g mucuna 20%/ed 400mg catuaba 400mg ginseng/ed 400mg gingko/ed 4g 1-arginine/ed 4g 1-citruline/ed 1g 1-tirosina/ed 20mg tadalafil/ed 40mg vimpocetina/ed 10g creatine/ed


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Re: Summer cycle

Post by Jozifp103 »

May I ask why you are using all the different esters of Testosterone instead of something like Sustanon or just single ester Test?

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Re: Summer cycle

Post by A.font817 »

That’s a heavy cycle right there man damn lol yea I’m curious as well why the test e, prop and tne

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