andarine s4


You will often here the S4 SARM referred to as Andarine. Don’t let the name differences confuse you as they are one and the same. This is a very popular product, due to the value it offers and the fact that you can avoid anabolic steroid side effects when you choose to use this product instead.

The benefits of Andarine S4 by athletes and bodybuilders has made it a very in demand product. When someone is working that hard to eat a certain diet, to work out for muscle gain, they want the booster that works best. They have found tremendous results with this product without harsh side effects. They also see results in a short window of time, making it very encouraging.

The product was created to help with muscle wasting diseases. Yet the research involved allowed it to quickly become one of the most common products used for creating muscle mass and reducing body fat. This SARM is used both in cutting cycles and bulking cycles. Human clinical trials have been conducted on a small scale, but only for the muscle wasting diseases.

Yet there is vast documentation from researchers about the increased energy, muscle gain, overall strength and improved muscle density on those involved in such trials. These weren’t individuals with a controlled diet or intense exercise routines either. It didn’t take long for athletes and the bodybuilding communities to realize the value such a SARM would have for their own goals and making them easier to obtain.

The use of this SARM increases the natural production of testosterone. That increases energy and boosts metabolism. This is the opposite of what anabolic steroids offer, and they hinder the natural production of testosterone. This is one of the prime reasons so many bypass the steroids and go with this enhancer.

S4 Review

It is wise to conduct your own investigation before you use any enhancement related products. You will find plenty of S4 review information out there from other users. They will give you the real story about why they started taking it, the results they encountered, and their end results. Many of them include before and after photos so you can see what the transformation visually looked like.

You will also find plenty of information about how potent the S4 SARM is. This is encouraging as you don’t have to take large amounts of it to get great results. It allows you to get a good return on the investment you have made to purchase such an enhancer product. While the product is illegal, you can find it on the black market. If you plan to take part in events where you can be drug tested, it is vital to make sure the drug would be completely out of your system by that time.

Buying Andarine on the black market can be tricky, and you need to carefully find your supplier. Don’t buy it from the first entity you find. Don’t buy it from the lowest priced offer. Of course, this doesn’t mean those that charge the highest prices have the best products. Find out who other athletes and bodybuilders successfully using this product have relied on. This is a good way to find a connection to a quality product.


S4 is one of the best SARMS for cutting. During this part of a cycle, a person has very restricted calories. The goal is to not lose the muscle mass that has been created. This product as part of the cycle allows the gains to be maintained. They are dry gains, so you don’t have to worry about water retention. At the same time, it allows definition to occur during the cutting cycle.

It can aid in reducing the last bit of stubborn body fat a person may have too. It can be extremely difficult to reduce it when you have a small percentage with diet and workouts alone. This can be the booster needed during a cutting cycle to get it achieved. At the same time, it can reduce common fatigue that comes with the cutting due to the reduced calorie intake.


Taking too much S4 at once can hinder normal eyesight. If you see any yellow dots when you are in dim light, you need to cut back your dose. Typically, such vision issues aren’t permanent but that doesn’t mean you should abuse this product or take too much of it at once. This is a potent SARM, and you don’t need a high dose to get terrific results in a short window of time.

The half-life of Andarine is extremely short, only about 3 to 4 hours. The daily recommended dose for women is 10 mg to 20 mg per day. The recommended dose for males is 25 mg to 50 mg. It is a good idea to start with the lowest possible dose and then to increase it in increments if you find you need more of it to get your desired results.

For the best results, the total dosage should be divided in half and then taken twice per day rather than once. Try to take each half 12 hours apart. The cycle of this SARM ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, but shouldn’t be used any longer than that. The results are going to come to a halt after that timeframe, so it won’t do you any good to continue such a cycle.

Side Effects

Taking a look at side effects review information from those who have used Andarine is very encouraging. Most people don’t have any issues with it. This product won’t harm the liver like anabolic steroids can. It won’t cause virilization for women and it won’t cause men to have issues with natural testosterone levels.

Those who have reported headaches, low energy, and insomnia tend to be those who are suing larger amounts of this SARM than they should be. When it is taken in large amounts or for extended periods of time it can adversely affect the user. This is a powerful substance and you should take the lowest dose possible to get your desired results. When you follow the dosing recommendations, you shouldn’t have any negative effects while using it.