What are SARMs?

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What are SARMs?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are classified as anabolic agents. However, they don’t have the same level of androgenic properties to offer. This gives them some additional benefits and advantages bodybuilders and athletes are very pleased with. They include helping to gain lean muscle mass and to remove body fat in a short amount of time.

It isn’t uncommon for SARMs to be used in a cycle with a stack of various types of steroids. The items in that stack will depend on the goals of the person using them. It will also depends on if the cycle is for cutting or bulking. In a cutting cycle, they are doing all they can to reduce any extra body fat. This can be tough due to the reduced calories. In the bulking cycle, they are eating more and they are doing what they can with exercise to build more muscle mass.

It is true; they are a classification of steroids. There is often a misconception that they aren’t really in the same category. As a generalization, they are, but there are further breakdowns of the specifics of steroids due to their chemical makeup. This is what differentiates them from each other. Even the natural production of a hormone known as testosterone can be classified as SARMs when taken in a synthetic form.

Are they Legal?

While many people continue to use SARMs, they are considered illegal in many areas. Professional athletes and bodybuilders are aware they are on the anti-doping list of substances. Even so, they are typically able to create their cycles in a timeframe that allows them to get the results and end use early enough. They know how long such products remain in their system, and end them before they could potentially be drug tested.

There are some SARMs under the umbrella of medical trials in order to see what they can offer for various health benefits. The use of them is closely monitored and the variables are documented. The results haven’t been conclusive yet to determine if there is enough of an advantage to taking them or not. Many experts believe they could be a vital tool for reducing obesity and other fat related ailments.

The fact that none of the clinical trials have been approved to be conducted on humans is one of the reasons the information remains unknown. There is only so much data that can be gathered and relied upon when such trials are done only on animals in a research facility. Yet it is can prove to be very difficult to get approval for clinical trials on humans with any such substances.

Some supplements not regulated by the FDA claim to have SARMs in them. Yet it is unknown if this is true as the full ingredients of such products don’t always have to be fully disclosed. Some worry it is a marketing tactic in order to increase the sales of such items. They know any label with this information on it is going to peak the interest of those interest in creating muscle and burning fat.

Shopping for SARMs

The FDA has not approved any SARMs, so the purchased of them must be done on the black market. There is a high demand for them, but they aren’t hard to find. The problem though is getting your hands on a quality product. There are plenty of scams out there, taking your money but providing a product that isn’t effective. It is vital to take your time to verify the right connection and that the product is legitimate.

Before you shop, think about the benefits you really want to gain. There are many products to pick from. What works best for one person doesn’t always do the same for the next. This is because of differences in body chemistry. You also have to think about your overall cycle and what you will stack it with. This can be very complex, and you may need to get some input and advice from other athletes or bodybuilders.

The cost will depend on the type of product you purchase and where you get it. Take your time to compare prices to make sure you aren’t getting taken advantage of. On the other hand, if they offer it for a drastically lower price than others, you need to find out how they are able to do so. Are they striving to get new customers? Are they offering a bogus product that won’t work? You must verify the product is legitimate before you pay for it and use it.


The dose to take of any SARMs depends on what your goals are and what you stack it with. It stands to reason the larger the overall stack, the less of each product you will need to use. Make sure you pay attention to the recommended guidelines and cycle time for the specific type of product you are going to use. Taking too much of it can increase the risk of harm to the liver.

It is best to start out at the lower side of the recommended dosing. If you find you aren’t getting the full benefits, you can boost it up in small intervals. Never exceed that recommended dose though or you can do more harm than good with it.

Side Effects

Most people don’t experience side effects with the use of SARMs. This is due to the unique androgen receptor properties. However, since they are usually stacked with anabolic steroids there can be different side effects in the mix. They include unwanted body hair, a deeper voice for women, and shrinking of the testicles for males.

Due to the fact SARMs work on the tissues, many experts believe they are a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. This is because they aren’t going to cause adverse health issues for the liver. When someone takes steroids for a long time or at a high dose, they can cause serious and even irreversible damages to the liver.