Everyone has probably heard about BPC-157, and how is usefulness in regeneration, injuries and regenerative protocols for tissue healing. In this article we would like to let You known this peptide little closer.

BPC-157, what it is?

It’s a synthetic substance that is supposed to imitate the action of one of the peptides naturally occurring in your body, and more precisely – in the stomach. Although the use of BPC-157 peptide for strictly therapeutic purposes is not officially approved, studies show its strong regenerative potential for the whole body.

How does it work on our body?

The effectiveness of the substance is based on the improvement of the production as well as the growth of fibroblasts in our body. Fibroblasts (skin cells that are responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen as well as elastin. These are compounds that are responsible for the appearance of the skin, the speed of healing, the functioning of joints and tendons)This peptide also has antioxidant effects. It protects healthy cells from free radicals.

Impact on regeneration?

Of course, this is about improving and initiating the rate of skin healing, strong muscle regeneration and bone fusion, as well as maintaining the digestive system in good condition. What’s more, studies prove such a strong effect with a low risk of side effects.


Why is it worth using?

  1. Improvement of memory, cognitive functions and general brain function.
  2. Protection against damage caused by drugs and alcohol.
  3. May have an effect on reducing the level of body fat and accelerate reduction.
  4. Reverses the level of tolerance to opioids.
  5. Accelerates the regeneration of the body (muscles, tissues, etc.).
  6. Helps in the treatment of certain diseases and disorders of the stomach. It has a beneficial effect in the treatment of ulcers and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

For athletes.

It is an excellent option to help increase muscle mass and help heal injuries. However, it will not increase muscle mass. However, it shortens the time needed to regenerate muscles, bones, tissues and joints. It will help reduce the time necessary between workouts and may help individuals gain more muscle mass in less time than without BPC-157.



Most often it is a dose of two hundred fifty to eight hundred milligrams per day. Of course, it should be divided into smaller por tions due to the short half-life. It is best to spread it out, for example, into two doses of two hundred and fifty milligrams. Usually BPC-157 first effects are present after two to three weeks after application.



As you can see, the agent has a number of advantages of using in regeneration, injuries and also after operations helps to recover faster and regenerate tissues as well as after training to be able to regenerate faster. It has a lot of positive properties, nothing is known about negative effects. Many people praise him and appreciate him for the “wide” spectrum of action.