TB-500 What is this??

TB-500 is a synthetic peptide that began research in 1974. The results were effective and other applications of this peptide were sought. Because it is a fragment of tyrosine β-4. It consists of 43 amino acids of a protein that is produced by the thymus, which is the gland that is the largest when we are children and unfortunately disappears with the passage of time. Yes, so we remember how quickly our wounds healed, injuries when we were children, unfortunately the thymus gland practically does not exist when we are adults).

Its main action is the regeneration of the body and also:

  • Shorter revalescence after treatments
  • Regeneration between training units
  • Improvement of body performance

Interesting fact? According to available information, i banned by many sports organizations!

Can TB-500 be combined?

For therapeutic purposes, TB-500 using solo is an effective drug, however, comparing the action of the peptide in combination with other peptides, an increase in effectiveness was observed. A popular way to enhance the effect of TB500 was to combine it with agents from the GHRP group (i.e. GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin and Ipamorelin), or GHRH (CJC1295 and MGF). In general, the use of TB-500 alone is quite sensible, but when we want to enhance the effect, we can add other peptides. Here the choice is up to us as we diversify the “combination” in action.

As we know, everything can have advantages and disadvantages, here are some examples:

– Positive action in the treatment of injuries
– Improves regeneration
– Faster recovery after surgery.
– Banned by WADA
– Research on the TB-500 peptide is still ongoing, especially when it comes to the effectiv dose. It is very possible that over the next few years, experience from laboratory tests will change our view of this peptide and dosage.


It is used in the form of subcutaneous injections. There are many descriptions of the use of peptide treatment, the most common is a dose of 2mg, twice a week. The treatment should last 4-6 weeks, then reducing the dose by half, i.e. 1 bottle once or 2x a month.


It is a measure that is considered safe at the moment. Let’s remember that every study performed so far is a clinical trial. At the moment, the only side effects reported are flu-like symptoms.