rad 140 sarm


The SARM known as RAD-140 or Testolone, is a great resource for gaining additional strength. It can be very tough to push your body to take on those intense workouts when you don’t have enough strength. As you see the gains, you can continue to challenge yourself to take on harder and harder workout sessions. This is when you will see the muscle mass developing and the body fat shrinking away.

Testolone is a very powerful component overall, and it has plenty more to offer than just the change to get stronger. It isn’t going to cause you to retain water, and that is important. It is going to allow you to have dry gains that are real and very defined. This is why athletes and bodybuilders tend to rely on it for bulking cycles.

The medical use of RAD 140 is still in research stages. The main objective with it is to be able to offer it for differnet types of therapeutic benefits. While studies on animals have been in place since 2011, only one human trial has been conducted. It was only done to see how well the product worked to block receptors for women with breast cancer.

There hasn’t been any testing on Testolone in regard to how it offers overall gains in humans. The data all comes from what has been seen and documented in animals in a lab setting. Still, many experts believe it is one of the most advanced androgen receptors. It works like an anabolic steroid but without the harsh side effects, and that is very encouraging.

Men don’t have to worry about their testosterone levels being harmed when they take Testolone. Women don’t have to worry about problems such as an enlarged clitoris, a deeper voice, or unwanted body hair. Women like having the opportunity to benefit from SARMs without worries of all the adverse effects. Very few anabolic steroids are friendly for the female body.


When it comes to overall potency, RAD 140 is the leader of the pack. This SARM is in high demand due to what it offers. Many athletes and bodybuilders have the mentality that if you are going to use an enhancer, why not use the best one out there? The only place it can be purchased is the black market. It is vital that you carefully research where to buy it though. Due to the demand, there are scammers out there selling fake imitation products and making a huge profit.

You don’t want to spend the money to learn the RAD 140 you were using turned out not to be the real thing! That isn’t going to help you get results, and you aren’t going to have a means to get your money back. Find out all you can about the seller and what they offer before you dive in and buy it. Find a reputable provider others getting results are using.

Even though RAD-140 is very potent, it won’t raise the enzymes in the liver. This makes it much safer to use than anabolic steroids. At the same time, you need less of it to get results in a shorter period of time. It is no wonder those who have done their research are finding this to be the ultimate solution they wish to pursue. The benefits compared to other options are just too good to bypass!

Noticeable Difference

Many athletes and bodybuilders try Testolone when they hit a plateau. They are no longer able to main muscle mass gains. They are no longer able to reduce body fat any further. Rather than giving up, it is time to shake up that routine and add something new. This product has proven to be very effective to get over that plateau and to keep moving forward towards your established goals.

The improved strength is often noticed by users within the 2 and 3 weeks of use. This is a short window of time compared to the use of anabolic steroids. Many users will find they are able to continue seeing significant gains and more strength up to 6 weeks into their cycles. At that point, it is going to start to stay at a steady level with only small gains for the remainder of the cycle. The typical cycle is from 8 to 10 weeks.

Being able to feel the strength and to see your workouts moving to harder levels is going to give you motivation to move forward. Seeing those muscles changing and growing when you look in the mirror is going to help you see that the use of Testolone is working. There is no worries about water gain, a common problem with anabolic steroid use.

The use of this SARM also helps to reduce the risk of injuries. It helps the muscles to repair in less time, so you do see the results of your efforts very soon. It will reduce soreness and the overall recovery time after intense workouts. The anabolic rate is 100, making it very close to an anabolic steroid but without the negative side effects or water gain.


Taking too high of a dose of RAD 140 can cause your body to reduce the amount of testosterone it naturally creates. If you experience low energy or ongoing headaches, you need to cut back how much you take of it. Remember, this is a very potent SARM so the dose to get results is significantly lower than many people may feel they are going to need to take.

The recommended dose for women is 5 mg to 10 mg per day. The recommended dose for men is 10 mg to 20 mg per day. Start with the lowest dose to see how you feel with it. If you feel you are seeing results, that is likely all you need to continue with that cycle. If you find you could get more of a boost, consider adding a bit more, but not exceeding the daily recommended dose. It isn’t recommended to use any other SARM at the same time as RAD -140 due to how potent it is.