Superdrol – Review – how it Works

Superdrol is a very powerful anabolic steroid. It is widely used by those that want to build up their strength in very little time. They want to put on up to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in as little as a couple of months. This isn’t a steroid for beginners, but rather one for someone who has some experience with the process and what they can get from the right product.

The use of any anabolic steroid, including Superdrol, isn’t going to get you results in its own. However, it can significantly enhance the value of what you gain through a workout plan and a diet. The workouts are going to be lengthy and very intense. They are going to push your body further and further. The diet has to give your body fuel and cut out carbs that turn into sugar and get stored as fat.

You may have heard this steroid by the name of Methasterone. It is considered to be both androgenic and anabolic. It is often mistaken for a prohormone due to many of the properties being similar. It is believed to be one of the most powerful and intense steroids you can take in an oral form. Not everyone is a fan of injectables, but they may use them because they want something that works extremely well. Superdrol gives you those perks but with the convenience of a tablet you swallow.

Get Stronger

As the bulking cycle continues, the drive to take on harder and harder workout plans is going to be there. This is the only way to continue to accomplish the goal and to avoid plateaus. The use of Superdrol can help you to get stronger. Most users find they have additional strength in about a week. This is encouraging as it means they aren’t even too far into the cycle before they can start to lift more weight.

At the same time, they will find their energy level and endurance is going to be peaking, offering top performance! Being able to lift more, to complete more reps at that weight, and to have the energy to do it day after day can prove to be a challenge. It takes a toll on the mind and body, so a powerful anabolic steroid like this one can be the push you need and the enhance you can count on.

Muscle Mass and Definition

Seeing is believing, and when you start to see the muscle mass developing, you will be very pleased! The use of Superdrol is going to help you be able to gain up to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in a short amount of time. You will be able to see the results of those efforts in a few short weeks. This is going to keep you motivated to continue the cycle for the full 2 months!

The muscles are going to be chiseled and very well defined. They are going to be rock hard, even when you get to the end of the bulking cycle. This is very important as you don’t want to have nothing but water and for them to become soft.  You want it all to be very hard and the foundation to be there for additional muscle mass growth to happen.


The use of Superdrol for more than a 6 week cycle can be dangerous to your health. Some users cut that back to only 4 weeks. Don’t use it for longer than that because it can be very toxic to your live. Anyone with liver problems shouldn’t use this type of steroid as it can cause drastic health issues for them to contend with. Take a low dose to start with and make sure you can handle how it makes you feel.

A user can then slowly increase their dose if they need to, but they goal is to keep the dose low. Taking a high dose of Superdrol isn’t going to give you more gains so use it wisely. Taking more is only going to cost you more money and increase your risk of harmful side effects.   Post cycle therapy is highly recommended when your use of this steroid ends. Doing so will help you regulate your testosterone levels and to feel your best.

It is a good idea to use an estrogen blocker in the mix along with Superdrol. This is going to help reduce the negative side effects that could potentially develop while using this anabolic steroid. Be mindful of what you stack it with and the dose of each product as this influences your outcome and any side effects.

Due to the short half-life,  the daily dose you plan to take should be divided in half and taken twice per day. If you plan two a day workouts, you should take each dose a few hours before you plan to engage in it. This is going to give you the most boosting power and help you to push beyond anything you have done before.

Try to stack with enhancers that help your body keep the level of testosterone high. This will reduce the need for your body to restart that process once the cycle ends. Take an estrogen blocker so you can avoid retaining water which makes muscles look soft. Males that use this for too long can suffer from gynecomastia.

To reduce the risk of nausea, it is a good idea to take this enhancer with food and with plenty of water. Taking it at regular intervals will help level out the presence in the body. The goal is to prevent spikes and to ensure you have the energy and the strength you need to continue to get more muscle mass.

Buying Superdrol

As of 2012, this is considered a banned substance. Those who are subjected to random or routine drug testing need to make sure they finish the cycle early enough that all traces of it will be out of the system by then. It is important to be selective about where to buy this anabolic steroid. Due to the demand for it, the prices can be steep.

Yet the payoff in the end is worth that investment. That is, as long as you get a quality made product. There are plenty of imitations out there, and they aren’t going to give you the benefits or the gains you seek. They are a waste of money, and they can introduce your body to substances you aren’t even aware of. What they are mixed with can vary from one fake product to the next. Always hold out for a seller that is legitimate and has a very good following of users.

Possible Side Effects

In addition to the risk to the liver, those with high blood pressure shouldn’t take Superdrol. Doing so can cause it to spike quickly and create health problems. It can significantly increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Common side effects include:

If you experience any severe side effects, make sure you stop taking this steroid immediately. Otherwise, it can result in serious health problems that can’t reversed. This includes: