Primobolan – how it Works

There are several names the steroid Primobolan is known by. They include Primo and Methenolone. This steroid is both androgenic and anabolic. It can be taken in an oral form or as an injectable. Many consumers like the oral because it is easier for them to take. Yet the body is going to process out some of it. This method is also harder on the liver.

Not everyone is a fan of injecting themselves with any steroid product. The injection area can become red, swollen, and be painful. Injectables are also harder to find and cost more. The tradeoff though is the substance goes directly into the bloodstream to help the muscle growth and to promote energy. There isn’t a breakdown of any of it as it processes through the body.

Early Use

The use of Primobolan for medical benefits used to be very popular when it was introduced in the 1960s. It was used for a long time to help treat breast cancer in women. Today, there are other forms of treatment that seem to work better so this is no longer one that doctors are prescribing. Today, it is purchased on the black market by bodybuilders and athletes.

It is a very powerful anabolic steroid, one that promotes muscle growth, increases energy levels, and increases endurance. This enhancer can help to create a boost that allows the workouts and the diet plan someone follows to create the best results. It isn’t easy to get that type of physique, and such a substance can help to make it happen in less time.

Doesn’t Aromatize

What makes Primobolan a better choice than other steroids available? Many users love the fact that it doesn’t’ aromatize. This means it isn’t going to cause a male to have high levels of estrogen in his body. Such levels of estrogen can create water retention and it can also result in gynecomastia. They like being able to benefit from the steroid but they also love not having to contend with such adverse effects.

The other benefit is this one is less toxic for the liver than other options. Users of both Winstrol and Dianabol often have to struggle with that. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any risk for the liver, but it does mean that risk is significantly reduces. It makes sense to turn to an enhancer that has the least adverse elements for your body. Individuals that already have liver issues need to be very careful using any type of steroids.

Cutting Cycles

This steroid is typically reserved for cutting cycles. Some bodybuilders use it before a contest they are going to take part in. If you go this route, make sure you allow enough time for the product to clear your system. Many of these contests are going to have mandatory drug testing. You don’t want to be disqualified due to a positive test.

A cutting cycle can be hard on the body because you are restricting calories. It is a huge difference from what was consumed daily in the bulking cycle. The cutting cycle is a time to reduce the remaining body fat. Yet at the same time, you want to preserve the lean muscle you have created and you want to avoid the muscles getting soft.

The use of this steroid is going to help you with getting more definition with the muscles. This helps them to look harder and to look more defined. This sculpting can give you an edge in contests. It can also help you to feel confident about how you look when you see your body in the mirror.

Getting stronger is one of the huge benefits with the use of Primobolan. Being able to continue to execute a tough workout with less calories isn’t easy. You have to be smart about it. Cutting down the workout time but lifting more weight is a great way to get the most from those efforts. You won’t be able to do so though if that additional strength and endurance is lacking.

Losing body fat gets harder and harder the lower the percentage becomes. The use of Primobolan can help you push over those hurdles and become successful. If you have less than 10% body fat, you don’t want to feel like it is impossible to see more of it disappear. It is going to take plenty of effort on your part. The use of this steroid though can help you get your body fat down an additional percentage or more, and that is encouraging!

Used by Women

Most steroids are considered too powerful and have too many possible side effects for women to rely on them. However, Primobolan seems to be one that women can use to help them successfully tone and gain muscle. They may not be looking to bulk up, but they do want to be stronger and have more endurance. They do want to be defined and eliminate the body fat. Women tend to have a harder time burning body fat on their own than men due to the differences in body chemistry.

Oral or Injectable Dosing

The half-life of Primobolan is about 10 days for the injectable and 4 to 5 days for the oral. The user should be cautious with the amount they use at any given point in time. While it may be tempting to use the maximum at the start, that can be too much for the body to adjust to at once. This is especially true for someone brand new to the use of anabolic steroids.

Taking the highest dose also increases the risk of harsh side effects. It is best to start with the lower dose and see how the body responds to it. Once that is established, it is possible to increase the dose to find the best outcome. Find the level that offers the most benefits and the least amount of side effects.

Taken orally, the dose should be 150 mg or less per day. With the injectable option, the weekly recommended dose is no more than 400 mg per week. Women should take about ½ of these recommended doses for their benefits. The cycle should range from 8 to 10 weeks. Taking it longer than that isn’t going to help you see any additional results. The cycle for women should range between 4 and 6 weeks.

Possible Side Effects

There is the risk of possible side effects with the use of Primobolan. The higher the dose, the more the risk is of them happening. It also depends on what else it is stacked with and the dose of those substances. Such side effects can include:

Males are encouraged to plan a post cycle therapy regiment to help them with testosterone levels. This will help stimulate the body to start creating testosterone again on its own. Women need to watch out for signs that the dose is too high for them and cut back. Such signs include unwanted body hair, an enlarged clitoris, and deepening of the voice. If the use of the substance continues at that same dose, those side effects could become permanent.