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Hi - I'm glad to host you again, thanks for following my Posts - and at the same time in increasing your awareness and knowledge on the subject of Diets!
It's great about you and we fly on. Today I decided to write a SUMMARY, which is a collection of previous topics,
that will allow you to make radical changes in your figure, progress, health without having to make radical changes in what you currently eat ...

- Because the point is to make the whole process as pleasant as possible - if we do it only for ourselves, and at the same time we want to improve our results and burn or build muscle.


All the posts I wrote are really important and I GUARANTEE you if you conscientiously add them, you will notice an improvement in your figure and fat burning > your health, well-being and energy will improve during the day!
However, above all, give yourself time and do them conscientiously. Make an action plan on which days you will do more physical activity, e.g. Mon, Wednesday, Friday an additional 25 minutes of walking or cycling.

... but because I'm already starting to accelerate, so to sum up what to change, what to introduce, so that the effects are faster, and at the same time you would not have to change ANYTHING, or ALMOST NOTHING in your meals.

· First of all, set your goal: Reduction, Mass, Recomposition and do not change it after a week or two. Determine what you will be doing for the next 8-12 weeks. Give yourself time! - Be honest with yourself...

· Take care of hydration every day, drink a MINIMUM of 2.5 L a day EVERY DAY!

· Knock out all the myths related to diet, i.e. do not go after 6 pm!

· If you do not like running, you do not have to do it to lose weight, replace it with something that gives you pleasure, it can be a walk, jumping rope, every step counts!

· Do not use, GIVE up sweetened beverages, give up sugar, replace it with a sweetener. If you have to, choose ZERO/Light drinks! Be sure to stop drinking Drinks with Sugar, this also applies to ala "juices" eg Kubuś

· Instead of buying sweets, make your own FIT based on sweetener and less kcal products

· Increase your physical activity during the day! - Start with at least 5 minutes a day walking, areobs, running, elliptical trainer! Every day, be on those days you train

· If you go to the gym 3x a week, increase your workouts to 5x a week, but on these days add CARDIO, aerobics, Intervals + give your body a rest by adding stretching

· Before training, jump for 5-10 minutes on a bike / elliptical trainer / paddle / run to warm up well - additional kcal to burn

· Before the series, e.g. when making a cage on a flat bench, add 30-40 repetitions on an empty banner, or 35% of the main weight - the same for other exercises

· Do not stand still - from training to training more repetitions or weight! Exercise at almost 100% of your abilities, leaving 2-3 repetitions in reserve with each exercise

· Add fiber to your diet, choose products that will clog you more and you will feel no hunger longer than after a quick light snickers ...
And above all, TAKE THAT FIRST STEP, stop blaming yourself, take the first step. Make changes... - and you will definitely succeed - just start acting :)

Listen, no matter if you massage or reduce, whether you want more mass or fat burning - these tips and advice should be used by everyone, regardless of what your goal is.
After all, it's not just about looking good, but about being stronger, healthier, living longer, feeling better, and these simple and easy tips will make you enter a higher LEVEL.
These tips are for everyone and there is really no point in deceiving yourself that, for example, on the mass you should not do areobs, or increase traffic - you just do not want to .. And even introducing these changes will give you much better results than you have them before - in this way you will take care of the organs and they will start working with you!

Good luck and I wish you large increments - I will be incredibly grateful if someone starts applying this, EVEN not all at once, but at least one point, will come back and write it seriously works and I feel better, etc. !
Thanks to you for reading my post, thanks for increasing your knowledge and developing in this topic. This only testifies well about you and I wish you a lot of increments! Best regards

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