Successful Cycling with Steroids

Successful Cycling with Steroids

Successful Cycling with Steroids

It is possible to do well with the use of steroids, but you should be mindful about the various cycles. Not using the products long enough or using them too long can create more problems than benefits. When you stay steroids in a cycle, some of them may need to be started and ended before others. You will have to be very organized with what you are using and when to use them.

A cycle has to be adhered to because it is designed to give you the best possible outcome. Certain steroids need a longer cycle than others due to how they work. It is also essential to follow guidelines for how long to take a break between cycles. If you dive right back in, that can be too harsh for your body to process correctly.


It is very common for steroids to be stacked, meaning you use more than one at a time. Make sure you fully understand which products work well together and those that don’t. What you place in that stack should also be influenced by what you wish to accomplish. Some steroids are excellent for bulking and some are ideal for cutting. There are also those that have properties that place them in both categories.

Diet and Exercise

Along with attention to the cycle, you need to work on your plan for workouts and for diet. You must execute something that works well across the board rather than expecting the steroids to do it all for you. They can help you to have more energy and to be stronger. They can help you to create muscle and to burn fat. However, you have to put forth a great deal of effort to get those results.

You must workout daily and continue to challenge yourself. Lifting more and with additional reps helps you to see progress. Cardio that is more intense with additional resistance and for a longer period of time will get you results. For bulking, you need to consume more calories, but it can’t be junk food or processed food. Instead, it has to be protein, fiber, and good carbs. For a cutting cycle, you will significantly restrict the intake of calories.

12 Week Cycle

If you plan to only use testosterone, don’t exceed a 12 week cycle with it. This is going to create some issues for you if you do so. Keep in mind, your body will stop making its own testosterone with many of the steroids used. This means after a cycle, you have to then engage in a post cycle therapy process. Doing so will help trigger your body to create isn’t own testosterone again.

Some cycles with steroids are only 6 weeks and others are 8 or 10 weeks. It all depends on what you use. For women, the cycles tend to be shorter than for males. Some of the female cycles are only about 4 weeks in length. Gathering information about products in advance will help you to make sure you are successfully following that information correctly and successfully.

3 Week Blitz

A cycle you may not be familiar with, but that athletes and bodybuilders find value in, is the 3 Week Blitz. For a typical 12 week cycle, this will take place around the 7th to 9th week of it. There is going to be plenty of overlapping though based on what you stack with. However, you will go with just one in week 7 and then add a second back in week 8 and a third back in week 9. At the end of the 12 weeks, make sure you take at least 2 weeks off before you start it again.

Inverted Pyramid

Another option you may find interesting is the inverted pyramid. This involves a small amount of a given steroid and then you continue to increase it over time in small increments until you reach the maximum amount with it. This should also not last longer than 12 weeks, but it does allow your body to get used to the substance in smaller amounts before you add to it. This gives you additional benefits as the cycle progresses. It also gives you additional benefits from the substance as the cycle progresses.

Be mindful though that with this process, the more you have of a given steroid in your body the more the risk is of side effects. Should you find that you are seeing too much of that negative element, you shouldn’t continue to climb the dose. Likewise, if you feel that you are getting the most value from the product, but you aren’t at the top of the threshold for that dosing, don’t push yourself to take more of it. Everyone has a different body chemistry and tolerance.

Double Mini

You may find a 6 week double mini cycle where you stack three or more steroids works well for you. Make sure you take 2 weeks off at the end of that 6 week cycle before you repeat it. After 2 full cycles, you need to take 8 weeks off before you engage in any further steroid use. The exception is what you need to take for post cycle therapy to get your testosterone production kicked in again.