Selecting the Best SARMs for your Goals to be Met

Selecting the Best SARMs for your Goals to be Met

Selecting the Best SARMs for your Goals to be Met

With the use of the best SARMs, you can reach your goals. The efforts you are going to put forth can be enhanced with the help of the right products. Understanding what will help you reach certain goals efficiently before you use them is important. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in the end with how it all plays out. You don’t want to wish you had gone a different route when all is said and done.

SARMs work very similar to anabolic steroids. However, they are highly regarded as they are far less expensive to purchase. The other significant value is SARMs don’t have the same level of harmful side effects as steroids. This allows the user to get value from them but not have to be so concerned about the negative ways it will influence the mind or the body.

SARMs can help create lean muscles and additional strength. They can assist with burning body fat and increasing energy. They can also help with stamina, and all of this allows a person to have what it takes to complete difficult workouts. Many SARMs are good for the mind and help a person to relax. They also protect the bones and make the healing process faster.

All of this means you can rely on SARMs to offer benefits, and you can forgo the negative about anabolic steroids. Getting the full picture regarding these compounds can help you move in the right direction for your cycle. Some of them are best for bulking and others are recommended for cutting. There are also those that overlap and can be used for both cycles.

Understanding SARMs

The term SARMs is short for Selective Androgen Receptive Modulator. This means when you use such compounds, only certain receptors are going to be affected. Why does this matter? It means that the ones you want to affect will be stimulated but the others won’t. This means you don’t have to worry about water retention, gynecomastia, or changes to your natural hormone levels. Those are all issues that arise when a person relies on anabolic steroids.

Your system will benefit from SARMs because it doesn’t put a bunch of artificial elements into your system for the body to try to deal with. The majority of what you gain from them will offer value in a positive way. This is because your body can’t tell the difference between the natural substances it creates and what is introduced in those compounds.

Benefits you can Expect with SARMs

For many users, they are enticed to try SARMs once they realize they are a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. They also have information about the benefits these compounds deliver. It is encouraging becaue they already know even with intense workouts and a strict diet plan, achieving their desired goals is going to be very difficult.

You can expect:

  • Additional energy in a short amount of time
  • Better overall performance for athletes including being faster and more agile
  • Improved stamina so you can complete more reps and push harder
  • More lean muscle mass in just a couple of weeks
  • Reduce body fat
  • Strength you notice that allows you to life more

For anyone who has been on the fence with anabolic steroids due to the potential risks, it is time to try something better. SARMs can help you but it is very important to pay attention to the dosage and the timeframe for each of them. The specific products all have different guidelines. Don’t be tempted to overuse or abuse them as that can cause issues rather than delivering benefits.

Possible Side Effects from SARMs

While SARMs have far fewer side effects than anabolic steroids, there are still some you need to be aware of. Most people are able to use them without any problems. Common side effects include headache and dry mouth, but they tend to go away after a few weeks of use. One of the other concerns is there are certain ones where the amount of testosterone produced will be suppressed by the body. This can result in the need for posts cycle therapy to be conducted.

When SARMs are used correctly, there is a good chance a person won’t have any side effects at all from them. When they are used for an extended period of time or at high doses, that can create some problems for the body. Make sure you adhere to the recommendations for those specific products.

Anabolic steroids can harm the liver, but SARMs won’t when they are used correctly. However, individuals with certain health concerns may have some greater risks. Don’t use them if you have problems with your liver, kidneys, heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. It is best to consult with your doctor first as a precaution.

Stacking SARMs for a Cycle

The process of stacking SARMs for a cycle is common. It means using more than one SARMs at a time. This can be ideal as it allows you to gain all of the best benefits from several of them to obtain your overall goals. This can be very efficient over just using one of them. For example, one SARM in the stack may be the one you depend on the most for building muscle. Yet another may be ideal for cutting fat.

What you have to be careful of though is over stacking. Taking too much at once isn’t going to give you additional benefits. It can just cost you more money and create more side effects. You don’t want to stack items that don’t work well together with each other either. Take your time to evaluate what works best together and the dose for each of them in the stack. You will have to get organized because what you take, when you take it, and how much to take of each of them is going to vary. You need to be able to stay on top of it all.

Which SARMs to Consider

There is no denying there are many wonderful SARMs for you to consider out there. As you take a look at them, keep your own goals in mind. What you wish to accomplish as well as the type of cycle you plan to engage in will influence what you work with. While plenty of the SARMs are similar, there are also quite a few differences that can help you narrow down your final choices. Here are some of the best ones for you to take a closer look at.

GW – 501516

A lessor known but highly effective SARM is GW-501516, also known as Cardarine. It was first introduced as a way to treat various type of cancer in the 1990s. Today, it is no longer used for that as there are better alternatives to offer. Yet it continues to be sought after by athletes and bodybuilders. They rely on it to help them grow their muscles and to have better endurance. They also find it to be a wonderful way to push harder with their cardio workouts.

Most users of GW-501516 report within a few weeks of taking it, they notice the muscles growing and the strength increasing. These results are an incentive for them to continue with the SARM. They really want to push their body to the limits and beyond, in order to get some amazing gains by the time that cycle is completed.

This SARM is also a great one for a cutting cycle, because it works so well to burn body fat. IT also allows the body to use the fat for fuel when the calories are restricted. GW-501516 increases the amount of Lipolysis in the body, so the more cardio someone takes part in with it in the system, the more fat they will burn. This allows lean muscle mass to be created and for stubborn fat to disappear. It also helps with keeping cholesterol levels balanced, and that is very encouraging.


Users continue to rave about the value from LGD-4033. This SARM has several names it is known by, with Ligadrol being the most common one. Other names you may hear relating to it include Anabolicum and VK5211. It has been used medically to treat breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Athletes and bodybuilders rely on LGD-4033 to help them gain muscle that is both strong and hard. It won’t aromatize and that is very good news over many of the anabolic steroids. This means it isn’t going to create issues with water retention or gynecomastia. It isn’t going to cause any damage to the liver or other vital organs. Many people use it because they want results but they also like that it is a much safer alternative for them.

It is important to understand it may suppress the amount of testosterone the body creates. As a result, a plan for post cycle therapy needs to be in the works. Doing so will allow the body to start making its own testosterone again in less time. It has a place both in bulking and cutting cycles due to the fat it causes the metabolism to speed up. This can help with removing stubborn body fat.


The SARM MK-2866 is also known by several other names. The most common one is Ostarine. You may also hear it as Ostamulscle or Enobosarm. This is an excellent product to consider when your major goal is to pack on substantial amounts of muscle. It can also be ideal for a cutting cycle to help remove stubborn body fat.

This SARM has been used for various medical conditions. They include muscle wasting and osteoporosis. Such individuals will take a very low dose every day for the rest of their lives. It won’t cure the issue, but it can slow down its progression. This allows a person to live a better quality of life for the years that remain.

The majority of users for MK-2866 are athelets and bodybuilders. They use it both for bulking and cutting cycles. It is also one that can be used with very little worry about side effects. The daily recommended dose is 10 mg to 30 mg. Always use the least amount of it and then slowly increase it if you feel you need more to get the maximum benefits.

The best way to use this SARM is to take your total dose and divide it into two daily doses. Each dose should be 12 hours apart. This will help to keep the amount of it in the body leveled out. Most users find they can benefit from MK-2866 with significantly less in a cutting cycle than what they need in a bulking cycle.


Many will argue that MK-677 isn’t officially a SARM, and they are correct. However, it has enough of the same makeup and it is used for many of the same purposes. Therefore, it often gets lumped in with them and it is often part of a total stack to complete a cycle. Due to such value and those that use it, the mention of it here is valid. Other names it is known by include Nutrocubalisis and Nutrobal.

Many athletes and bodybuilders like the fact that MK-677 isn’t going to suppress their natural production of testosterone. As a result, they don’t need to take part in post cycle therapy. The exception is when this SARM is stacked with others that will cause the natural testosterone levels to be reduced. It is typically used in bulking cycles due to the additional strength it delivers and the additional muscle mass it can create.

The use of MK-677 is going to promote faster healing and that means the muscles grow in less time. Users also thrilled with perks such as healthier skin and hair while taking this compound. It is still sometimes used for various health concerns, but not often. Such healthy issues include hormone deficiency and osteoporosis.


A very popular SARM is RAD-140. It is also known as Testolone. This one was introduced later than others, but still has a great following due to the value it delivers. It has been used medically for those with wasting disease and to help fight breast cancer. The main use of it is by bodybuilders and athletes.

This SARM can help create lean muscle mass in large quantities in a short amount of time. While it isn’t as quickly as what you can get with anabolic steroids, the tradeoff is you don’t have the high risk of serious side effects. You also have a much lower price associated with RAD-140 than with paying for anabolic steroids on the black market.

Most users find they have additional energy, endurance, and strength too very early in the cycle. This is noticeable within the first couple of months, making it very easy for them to move into more difficult workouts for the remainder of the cycle. The endurance also makes it possible to push the number of reps higher and higher.

This SARM is likely going to suppress the natural production of testosterone in the body. As a result, you will need a plan of action for post cycle therapy. By doing so, you will speed up the process for the body to start making that testosterone on its own again. In the meantime, you may struggle with some fatigue while the body catches up.

You don’t need much of RAD-140 to gain the value from it. Keep the dose low, about 10 mg per day. The cycle of it shouldn’t last for very long at all. Many users are fine with a four week cycle but it should never exceed six weeks. The body will build up a tolerance for it, so taking it longer than that isn’t going to give the user any value.


The SARM S-23 is going to raise anabolic activity, and it is one of the strongest of all SARMs available. For women, it is going to significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy while it is being taken. It is one of the compounds that does well with the female body. However, after a cycle, it can be harder for a woman to get pregnant so keep that in mind if that is something you may be considering in the near future.

Typically, S-23 is used in a bulking cycle because of the amount of lean muscle tissue it can create in a short window of time. Users can expect up to 15 pounds of new muscle! It is going to be hard and defined without any water retention concerns. The typical dose is 10 mg per day for a period of up to six weeks. Due to the potency of this SARM, it isn’t recommended for beginners.

It is one widely regarded by seasoned athletes. Many of them will take you they only take 5 mg per day. Women should stick with that lower dose too due to the difference in their body chemistry. Don’t be tempted to use more S-23 than that because it isn’t going to give you any additional gains. Yet it is going to play a role in some side effects developing that could have been avoided with a lower dose.


Simply known as S4, this SARM is one with a huge following behind it. You will also hear it called by the popular name of Andarine. It is excellent for those interested in getting stronger and developing lean muscle mass. It has been used medically to treat prostate cancer as well. Athletes and bodybuilders can expect up to 20 pounds of new muscle by the end of an 8 week cycle with the use of S4.

Beginners should keep the dose of it around 15 mg per day. Those that have experience with SARMs or anabolic steroids may decide to go with 20 mg or 25 mg per day. Always pay attention to how your body responds. The goal is to find the most value from a SARM but to also deal with the least amount of side effects. It is likely a post cycle therapy product will need to be used after you are done with S4 because it will cause the body to stop making testosterone naturally. S4 is typically stacked with MK-677 or Ligandrol.


As you search for SARMs, one that you will come across often is SR-9009. It is also known as Stenabolic, and it is one of the most popular out there. It is going to help increase overall endurance and energy quickly. This allows those trying to build muscle and to burn fat to have the ability to work out hard enough to make it happen.

It is often used in a bulking cycle to assist with the growth of the lean muscle tissue. However, it can be a valuable option while cutting as well. This is because it will help ensure the body is using fat for fuel and preserving the muscles that have been created. For the best results in a bulking cycle, it is often stacked with Cardarine.

SR-9009 revs up metabolism, allowing the user to burn more fat even when they are resting. This includes stubborn body fat. When a person has less than 10% body fat, it is extremely hard to eliminate it with just diet and exercise. This is because the body strives to hold on to it as a mode of survival instinct.

Start out with the lower dose of SR-9009 to see how your body responds to it. The recommended dose ranges from 10 mg to 30 mg. Should you find you can use additional benefits, you can increase the dose slowly over the course of several weeks, but not exceed the maximum. Don’t be tempted to use more than that as it will increase the risk of serious side effects.


Changing the way your body looks overall isn’t easy, and it is a challenge that times time and effort. The SARM YK-11 can be used to help with building muscle and reducing body fat. It is primarily used for bulking though and the gains can be impressive. In just a few weeks you will see them getting larger and feel them being stronger. Since this SARM is very powerful, it isn’t recommended for those new to using them.

It is best used by experienced athletes and bodybuilders who have used them before or used anabolic steroids in the past. The half-life of YK-11 is very short, so it is best to take the total dose and divide it in two. Taking it 12 hours a apart at the same times each day helps to keep the amount in the system consistent. The daily recommended dose is 5 mg to 10 mg and the cycle can range from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Most users find after 6 weeks they don’t gain much additional value by continuing to use this SARM.

Stacking for Different Cycles

While a SARM can be used on its own effectively, the best results tend to be when several of them are stacked for a cycle. What is to be used depends on goals and on the type of cycle. It is very important to conduct your research before you go in this direction. You also need a plan for what to take, when to take it, and the dosage. The amount of the various products in the stack and how often to take them will be different. So will the length of the cycles for them.

Individuals have to find the stacks that work best for them. Below, you will find some good suggestions. It is up to the user to tweak them to meet their needs and their goals. The way in which their body responds to SARMs will also influence what they take and for how long. Listen to the signals from your body and use less if you can get away with it. Cut the cycle down in time too if you feel you have it your desired goals earlier.

Bulking Cycle

When a person is ready to go into a bulking cycle, they are focused on creating strength and lean muscle tissue. They will need extra energy and stamina to make it happen. A good option to make this happen successfully is to use LGD-4033 and MK-677 for a period of up to six weeks. The dose shouldn’t exceed more than 10 mg of each per day to keep the reisk of side effects at bay. Some users go with a lower dose and then extend the cycle time up to 10 weeks.

This mixture of SARMs for bulking can cause the body to stop creating testosterone on its own. As a result, it is important to have a post cycle therapy plan in the works. This allows you to move from the bulking cycle to taking them so you can get the body making testosterone again as soon as possible.

Cutting Cycle

In an effort to further reduce body fat, a cutting cycle is necessary. The use of SARMs in this cycle is to help preserve the lean muscle tissue and keep it hard. At the same time, the body needs to feed on fat for fuel and not that muscle. There is a calorie deficit in this cycle, and that can result in fatigue as a person will still be working out.

To help them with energy and to get the body to use fat instead of muscle, the SARMs GW-501516 and MK-677 are a good idea. The dose of both should start out with only 10 mg for the first couple of weeks. Then it should go to 20 mg for an additional four weeks. It is important to have a post therapy cycle for this stack as well.

Additional Strength

Along with getting more muscle, a common goal many athletes have is to get additional strength. This can be accomplished with the stack of LGD-4033 and YK-11. The dose should range between 10 mg and 15 mg per day for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This cycle will require post cycle therapy to increase testosterone production.


The process known as recomping is completed in order to help balance the body again between the cutting and bulking cycles. The SARMs used for it are MK-2866, LGD-4033, and GW-501516. The dose of each shouldn’t exceed 20 mg but try to go with only 10 mg of them if you are able to get results at that amount. The cycle should last for 8 weeks and then take a break for an additional 8 weeks. Post cycle therapy can take place during that break period.


The muscles don’t grow when you work out, they grow when you rest them. Speeding up the healing process allows them to grow in less time. It also makes it easier for someone to recover from workouts. The intensity of them can push the body to the limits, and cause fatigue. It isn’t possible to get back in the gym the next day and do it all over again if you are tired and sore. SARMs that promote healing also help someone to sleep better.

Such a stack should include MK-2866, MK-677, and SR-9009. The daily recommended dose is 20 mg of MK-2866 and 10 mg per day of the other two SARMs. The cycle should last for 8 weeks with another 8 weeks as a break from the use of any SARMs. Make sure you have a post cycle therapy plan in the works for that break timeframe.

Stacks Women can use Successfully

Anabolic steroids tend to be too harsh for women to consider. There are SARMs safe enough and effective for the female body. Women tend to need far less of the products to get results and a shorter timeframe to use them. A good stack is LGD-4033, MK-2866, and S4. The dose should be 10 mg per day of S4 and 5 mg per day of the other two SARMs.

Such a stack can help women to successfully make the bones stronger, cut fat, and to gain strength. Most women will develop some muscle and tone up, but the use of these compounds isn’t going to cause them to bulk up. The cycle should last for a period of 10 weeks and then at least a 6 week break period.

Forms of SARMs to Consider

As you determine which types of SARMs you will use,  it is also important to understand most are offered in differnet forms. They include capsules. Liquids, and powders. The format can influence price and how you use them. For most individuals that take such compounds, it comes down to a personal choice.

Capsules are the most common and they can be taken with water. It is best to take them with food or right after a meal. Taking capsules on an empty stomach can increase the risk of nausea and vomiting. They tend to cost more than liquids and powders, but they are also very convenient. Everything is already measured for you.

Liquids can be simple to take, and a good alternative for those that have trouble swallowing capsules. It is important to carefully measure the amount of them before taking your dose. Many people like the fact that they can control dose with liquid easier. They may find it hard to cut capsules in half when they need to.

While powder SARMs are very inexpensive, they can be harder to master. You have to carefully measure the water and the powder and then mix well. There are often mistakes that take place and result in errors with dosing that consumers really should strive to avoid. If you go their route, make sure you are paying attention each time you make the mix.

When to take SARMs

As mentioned, many SARMs can cause nausea or vomiting if they are taken on an empty stomach. Get into the habit of taking them with food or after a meal. Some of them should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before you work out. Make sure you know the information for a given SARM so you can correctly schedule when you will take it.

Most SARMs have a very short half-life, and this means rather than taking it once a day you will likely need to do so multiple times per day. At least twice, and some aren’t a fan of that. They feel it gets difficult to keep track, especially when they stack. It is wise to take SARMs at the same time each day. This allows the amount of those substances in the body to be regulated and level.

When you take them at various times, there will be points when you have peaks of them in the blood and times when you have dips. This makes the products less efficient than they could be. Staying organized and setting reminders for the next time to take them will work to your benefit in the end.

Never exceed the recommended dose, but don’t have the mindset you are missing out if you opt to take less. Always start with the least amount and see how you do with it. If your body does just fine with it, consider bumping up that amount if you feel there are still additional benefits to be gained. Once you feel that an increase you created didn’t make a difference, there is no point in going any higher with that dose.

Buying SARMs

If you don’t have a medical need and a prescription, you will have to buy SARMs on the black market. Make sure you take your time to dig deep about who you find. Make sure you identify what the process is going to be and how highly that business is regarded. There are some wonderful creators out there, and they offer a top of the line product. The SARMs they deliver are affordable and they do work.

Sadly, there are also scammers out there, making money off of innocent consumers who didn’t do their homework. These consumers want products that last but they are enticed by the lower prices. Others are in a hurry to get the product, and they don’t find out about the background in advance. Such products don’t deliver results, and you will be wasting both time and money.

Keep in mind, SARMs aren’t approved by the FDA, and that means they aren’t regulated. There is no one to report it to if you feel that you got a fake product. There is no one overseeing the ingredients going into such products. You have to be responsible with what you purchase and what you put into your body.


SARMs are a proven way to get the body you want! Of course, they have to be combined with the right exercise plan and diet to get those results. They can be effective to cut fat and to gain muscle mass. They can be used to generate additional energy and to have the stamina you really want. They are going to provide more strength and overall power.

SARMs are a better choice than anabolic steroids because they have significantly fewer side effects. However, they should still be used in a responsible manner. Do your homework so you understand what works best for a cycle, what to stack for your desired outcome, and how much is recommended to take. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dose or the cycle timeframe.