An amazing SARM often used to help bulk up muscle mass and reduce body fast is Stenabolic. This is also referred to as SR9009. It is a very powerful product that seems to work well for many athletes. They understand the risks involved with steroids, but this product can give them results without the harsh side effects.

The original development of this product was for medical use. It was used to help regulate heartbeat and to help with muscle wasting disease. Today, it is rarely used for such ailments due to other means of treatment that work just as well or better. Yet that doesn’t meant there is no longer a use for Stenabolic. It is a great way to get large gains of muscle mass in a short amount of time. It can also help to remove the remaining stubborn body fat.

Goals including weight loss, firming up, losing fat, and being stronger often trigger individuals to use this type of product. It takes a great deal of time and dedication to reach these desired goals. Many users find this product after careful research. This allows them to weigh the pros and cons of anabolic steroids and SARMs. It isn’t uncommon for this product to be at the top of the list of potential products when that research is completed.

How does it Work?

Losing weight isn’t easy, even with diet and exercise. Even a very strict diet plan and workout routine can leave individuals frustrated. Women tend to have a harder time losing fat than men due to their body chemistry. Stenabolic makes it much easier to lose weight without the huge struggles along the way. It can be the missing piece that gives you the boost you were after.

This SARM works to regulate the circadian rhythm. This has to do with the 24 hour cycle that or bodies are created to function within. There are highs and lows within that cycle and there are genes that turn on and off within the body during that 24 hour cycle. This allows our rest periods and times of activity to be conducted.

Getting adequate amounts of rest to offset the times of activity is what the body was created to do. The problem is many people are out of rhythm. They are constantly mentally and physically fatigued. This product can help to restore that balance and get the mind and body in sync with each other again. It is wise to pay attention to the messages they give you that you need to slow down.

Additional Benefits

There are significant additional benefits a user of SR9009 can gain as well. These additional benefits tend to be deemed as the icing on the cake for many of these consumers. Such perks they also gain when using it for a cycle include improved endurance. This gives them the energy to continue to push forward and complete those very challenging workout sessions day after day.

The brain also benefits from the use of Stenabolic as it can help to calm the mind. This includes reducing stress and anxiety. It can help someone to feel more relaxed and to boost their mood. It can also aid in sleeping better and staying asleep all night long. Being able to wake up refreshed and rested has a huge impact on the rest of the day.

Inflammation can be harsh on anyone, especially on athelets. It can cause them to feel pain and make it hard to work out. It can make it hard for them to focus and it can make it challenging to sleep through the night. The use of this SARM is believed to reduce inflammation in the body. This makes it possible to feel better and that gives a person the opportunity to take on more physical activities.

Other research indicates this product can help with regulating cholesterol levels and triglycerides. It is encouraging that something like this is offered to help you get your goals accomplished. Yet you don’t have to worry about any negative concepts for your mind or body when you choose to use it for a cycle.  Some research indicates it can reduce the risk of depression and offset symptoms of mild depression.

Know your Seller

For the best results with SR9009 UK sellers, you need to do some investigating. Since this product is bought and sold on the black market, the typical means of advertising aren’t going to be there. However, you should still be able to find reviews, to get information, and to learn who others in the same realm as you turn to for it. If you are involved in sports or bodybuilding, talk to trainers and others with workout regiments and see what information they are able to share.

You must be selective with who you buy SARMs such as Stenabolic from. The money you pay for it should be a good investment when you consider what you will gain in return. Sadly, there are plenty of unsuspecting consumers who don’t get those results. They were sabotaged from the very beginning and sold a product that wasn’t what was advertised.


You don’t need a high dose of SR9009 to see results in a short period of time. The half-life is 4 hours. The recommended dose ranges from 10 mg to 40 mg per day. It is best to start with a very low dose and see how you do with it. Then you can slowly increase the amount over the weeks in your cycle if necessary. For the best results, it should be broken into two daily doses.

The first should be taken with your first meal of the day. This should be a breakfast high in protein and low in fat. The second part of the dosage should be taken just prior to beginning your workout session for the day. Taking too much of it can result in fatigue, irritability, and hair loss. When used correctly for a cycle ranging from 8 to 10 weeks most people don’t have any adverse effects at all.