Testosterone Enanthate – Usage

The male body naturally creates testosterone. This begins during puberty and continues for the duration of life. However, the body will create much more of it at a younger age. As a male gets older, the amount of it is going to decrease. Testosterone plays a very important role in development, in sex drive, the ability to obtain and maintain an erection, and energy levels. When the body isn’t naturally creating enough of it, that can cause various adverse effects.

A male without enough testosterone during puberty may not grow and develop properly. The use of Testosterone Enanthate may be prescribed by a medical professional. This substance isn’t identified by the body as an imitator. Instead, it views it the same as it would the testosterone it is creating on its own. As a result, the person can benefit from this balance in their hormone levels.

Delayed Puberty

The timeframe for puberty to begin for a male, can vary. Some start very young and others later in their teenage years. Yet for some, the delay of the onset of puberty is a concern for their doctor. This is because they aren’t growing like they should and going through various body changes. It is important for youth to have an annual checkup so any such concerns don’t go undetected.

The sooner a medical professional can identify there is delayed puberty, the faster a plan of action can be put in motion. Many youth will be able to continue to grow and to go through puberty naturally with the use of Testosterone Enanthate. This substances tricks the body into thinking the additional testosterone is present in the body, and that will stimulate the start of the puberty process.


A lack of testosterone in the male body can cause impotency. This is a common factor, but many males don’t wish to discuss they struggle with Erectile Dysfunction. They may be depressed, irritable, and withdrawn because of it. While there can be numerous reasons a male struggles with impotency, getting the testosterone levels back up is often enough to reduce the systems or to completely eliminate them.

Seeing a doctor for such a situation is important and can get a male back on track soon. Don’t hesitate to talk to a medical professional about the impotency issue or the possible use of Testosterone Enanthate in order to resolve it. Most males respond well to the use of this substance, and that is very encouraging.


For males that wish to conceive a child with their partner, low sperm count can get in the way. There are various tests that can be used to determine the factors contributing to infertility. The doctor may recommend using Testosterone Enanthate for a period of time to see if the sperm count increases. This is a step in the right direction, and it can allow fertility to take place naturally. It is a better option than invasive testing and the expense of IVF.

Hormone Imbalance

We often hear about women struggling with a hormone imbalance, but the same can be true of males. They tend to not talk to the doctor about it , but it may be brought up during a routine exam and blood work. Feeling sluggish all the time, feeling weaker, and even changes in mood can all be due to hormones in the body being out of balance.

Testosterone Enanthate can help with improving mood, more energy throughout the day, and getting stronger. It can be a great way for a male to start taking an interest in activities again, in exercising to maintain a healthy weight, and to feel in control over who they are and what they do. For many men in society, their masculinity is questioned when they don’t have enough testosterone in the body.

Bodybuilding and Athletics

Many bodybuilders and athletes include Testosterone Enanthate in their stack. It gives them the additional boost of energy they need in order to take on those tough workouts day after day. It gives them a faster recovery time too, and that is important. It is during the recovery stages when the muscles are going to grow and they can see the difference in a short amount of time.

Many anabolic steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone in the male body. This can increase the risk of various side effects, including gynecomastia and retaining water. Adding Testosterone Enanthate can help the body to continue to produce enough testosterone benefits. It can also reduce the need for post cycle therapy needs in order to get the natural production of testosterone back to normal levels.

It is often introduced during a cutting cycle in order to help prevent the muscles from wasting. The user has worked hard to create that lean muscle mass, and they don’t want to see it lost due to the calorie restrictions. They don’t want the muscles to become soft either. Instead, they want them to remain very hard and defined.

If you buy this substance from the black market, it is vital to know the quality of it and that it is a legitimate product. You need to know what you are injecting into your body. Make sure you know the proper process for injecting and always use a clean needle each time.


The amount of Testosterone Enanthate for someone to take depends on the reason they use it. When it is prescribed by a doctor, it is important to take it as long as they want you to and at the dose they prescribe. They will start it at a lower dose, and then increase it over time if necessary. They want to assist you with finding the best dose to get results and to keep the side effect at bay if possible.

For those using it for bodybuilding and athletic performance, the dose should depend on your goals and what you stack it with. Make sure you fully understand the recommended dosing and you don’t exceed it. Taking too much Testosterone Enanthate won’t give you additional benefits, but it will increase the risk of side effects. Some users take it only at the end of a cycle when they need to get the body on board to start making more testosterone again. Others use it throughout a cycle to offset potential side effects.

When it is taken for medical needs, an injection is typically given every 1 to 4 weeks. It should be injected into the buttocks, rotating sides each time. When it is used for bodybuilding or athletic performance, an injection of a low dose every 3 to 5 days is recommended. Pain and redness may develop around the injection site and last for a few days after the process.

Possible Side Effects

Most males find they are able to use Testosterone Enanthate without too much trouble with possible side effects. Keeping the dose low is going to help with offsetting them. It can take some time for the body to get used to the substance in it. Such side effects that tend to go away after a few weeks include:

Let your doctor know immediately if you experience any severe side effects with the use of Testosterone Enanthate. This includes: