The Best Practices for a Cycle of Parabolan to Maximize the Benefits

A cycle of Parabolan can help you to maximize the outcome from your efforts. However, you must engage in the best practices. Making mistakes with the cycle can prevent you from getting the results you were after. This is a very effective anabolic steroid, but it isn’t as widely used as some of the others out there that you will hear about. It is typically used in a bulking cycle and it is often stacked with other steroid compounds.

It is true; a cycle of Parabolan can be more difficult to follow than other options. However, it is worth it in the end when you see the results. Bodybuilders and athletes will tell you getting organized and creating a solid plan from the start will ensure you are able to see the results you want with it. You have to create an intense workout plan and you need to follow a good diet high in fiber and protein.

One of the downfalls of Parabolan is it isn’t going to give you more endurance. However, it isn’t hard to add something to the stack that will. Pairing the products together can help you to get all the results you want. This includes strength, endurance, energy, and the ability to create hard muscles during that cycle. When you do this correctly, your physical appearance is going to change and you will love what you see when you look in the mirror!

There are different practices to follow for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users when it comes to Parabolan. Following such guidelines for the cycle can help you to get the best results possible!


For those new to a cycle for bulking, they need to dedicate a full 12 weeks to the process. 200 mg per week of Parabolan is a good start. It should be stacked with 500 mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate.


The cycle for those with some prior use of Parabolan should expand to a 14 week cycle. Start out with 2 weeks of 350 mg of Parabolan and 100 mg of Testosterone Enanthate. Add in 400 mg per week of Equipoise and Dianabol to run through week 6 of the cycle. Then return to the first two only for the remainder of the cycle.


For advanced users of Parabolan, they can use up to 500 mg per week of it along with 100 mg per week of Testosterone Enanthate. Add in 50 mg per day of Primobolan and Winstrol after the first two weeks.